[Merged] 'Remember password for sites' not functioning


Comodo IceDragon will not allow me to tick the ‘remember password for sites’ button in the security function via options and i’ve no idea how to fix this anomaly. Therefore I have to manually input passwords every time I log into all sites

Any solution to this?

Many thanks
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Hi and welcome Mirabeau,
Under options, privacy select either Remember history or Use custom settings for history.

If Never remember history is selected automatic password function is disabled.
Note: If you select Always use private browsing mode under Use custom settings for history it will also default back to Never remember history disabling the password option.

Kind regards.

New installation. The “Remember passwords” option box is faded and I cannot check this option to activate it. Please help.

Hi and welcome xr628,
See my reply in the link below, thanks.
Remember password for sites’ not functioning

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