[Merged] Happy NEW Year !!!

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Boy, you’re early. You’re 6 or 7 hours behind me in the world of time zones… :smiley:

Happy New Year (2013) everyone. :BNC


:110: :BNC

Gonna take this opportunity to thank ALL at Comodo for the awesome software and for hosting the greatest forum on the interwebz :-TU :-TU :-TU

I learn something new here everyday, massive thank you to all the members, mod’s, admin, dev’s and the boss :wink:

Happy New Year and all the best

keep on doing what you do, the world would lose a little sparkle without you all

Happy New Year from down under to all the forum members!

+1 ;D

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Another seven and a half hours to wait here in Spain, but the sun is shining unlike other parts of Europe.

Happy New Year to You and Your Family Panic ! Enjoy the warmer days.

I smile sometimes to myself knowing, like myself, word comprehension is sometimes adrift.
Example. January is always January where ever you are on this Globe. But for many January is winter and winter here usually means cold-snow-ice,

Winter here is Summer down/under, months and seasons of the year or not synonyms, as unfortunately many still think, along with many other things.

Again Happy Safe and an Adventurous New Year !


14 hours to midnight from when I post this in Central time

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! :■■■■

Hope everyone here has a great 2013 :-TU

Wanted to wish you all a happy new year from all of us here at Comodo.

We want to continue to protect and serve you in 2013!

we have so much more innovation coming your way in 2013, I wish I were you :slight_smile:


Thank you Melih and the Comodo staff. Another malware free year is almost here :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a very Happy New Year.


Happy New Year to You and all Comodo Staff, Employees and Moderators

Sounds like the New Year of 2013 will be [size=25pt]Adventurous and Exciting for all of us who follow the Comodo forum !


Thanks Melih and all Super heroes at Comodo HQ.
Look forward to being protected throughout 2013 :slight_smile: