[Merged] Comodo Internet Security 10 keeps creating desktop shortcut [M2195]

I registered here for this very reason. I have the same issue. I tried to hide the Comodo Firewall shortcut but it continues to reappear as well as if I delete it. can’t move it or anything without it reappearing.

‘A workaround for me was to make my own shortcut and place it, then change the properties of the Comodo created one to Read only and Hidden’

Hi All,

We have already recorded and it will be fixed in next release.
Thank you all for your feedbacks.

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Hi Drake1132,

This bug is already recorded. Thank you for feedback.
It will be fixed in next release.

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When i open the GUI, if i switch between normal and light vew, the desktop icon reappears

if i open settings and press Ok it’s the same result ( not for cancel)

Platform: W10 Pro x64 up to date, french language

It’s a known and reported bug which will be fixed

See here: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/strange-problem-with-the-comodo-firewall-desktop-icon-t118766.0.html;msg854201;topicseen#msg854201

Just upgraded to ‘Comodo Firewall 10’ this morning and the desktop start icon keeps jumping to left upper corner. It will not permanently stay where I move it.

that worked for me too, thank you, Ploget.
as i already have a comodo shortcut in my taskbar and on the widget one can also open the Interface, there was no need to create a new one.
but how can i change the properties back, if i want to, once it is hidden?

Just change your file view settings to show Hidden Files, then go to the Desktop and change the icon properties

It’s a known and reported issue, which will be fixed:


I’m having a simpler issue, when I disable a protection feature, a CIS shortcut get’s made & when I enable it, it disappears. What’s up w/ that?

That isn’t a bad idea for a current workaround until the next release is pushed through, but it doesn’t work for those of us who (like myself) have our system set up to always show hidden files. In that case, this method will slightly dim the icon, but will not remove it. Thanks for the idea though, should work great for those who do not show hidden files.


Glad to hear it, thanks very much.

On a side note, in the future would it be possible to modify the forum’s website to make basic searching form include a choice for which boards to search in (rather than having to go to advanced search for this)? In my opinion, it would make searching easier, and I might have seen this thread sooner.

On another side note, it would also be helpful if the site automatically notified us via personal message when a post has been moved, noting where it was moved to?

Anyway, thanks for letting us know that this will be fixed right away.


Thank you and drwolf for responding. BTW, drwolf’s workaround only works if the hidden files are kept hidden. Since I prefer to have all files displayed, it does not work for me.

Hi Musterfox,
This problem of shortcut is identified and fix is planned in next CIS update.
Please bear with us about shortcut problem for next few days.



Every time I click on the ADVANCED MODE button, the Program creates the Icon on the Desktop.

See attached image


Version 10 (latest)? From what I can see it is independent of mode. The desktop icon seems to be recreated when any CIS related window [alert, context menu, dialog, etc.] is displayed. Sometimes it is delayed until the CIS window is closed, but somehow it always happens.


I have the same issue: CIS v10 keeps recreating a desktop shortcut any time I open CIS.

Every time I open CIS (v10.0.1.6029), it recreates a new shortcut on the desktop (Win7 64-bit).
Deleting it or leaving it on the desktop does not help, as CIS keeps recreating the shortcut anyway.
It gets really annoying after a while.

PS: I updated to v10 yesterday, as per this post:

It is a bug which is being addressed . . .

As a work around, I changed I ccreated my own shortcut and placed it, then change the properties of the Comodo created one to Read only and Hidden