Merge all current applications into 1 modular program

What i would like to see is a merger of all the comodo applications into 1 modular system.

#One user interface for all the applications. (only 1 gui saves a lot of RAM/CPU also everyone will be focusing their efforts on the single user interface which probably means it will have less bugs and be leaner)
#The user interface should dynamically adjust to the available/installed applications.(so don’t fill have the screen with xxx=disabled yyy=disabled)
#Although i think a lot of the current application can and should be merged into a single .exe not everything should be. If you have 1 .exe a successfull mallware attack can disable all the protection in 1 attack. So basically every selectable function should have its own .exe loaded and running(to a certain degree)

The next part is not as important:
#The ability to install missing application from within Modular Comodo (if you enable a feature from the control panel and its not already installed you get the option to install it and Comodo can then do it silently(like an update))

Finally, i want to stress the importance of fast code and low footprint.

Imho Comodo even with everything installed should use the least amount of HDD/RAM/CPU as possible.
How i do this is:

Imagine you are coding Comodo to run on a Windows Mobile PDA or a first generation EEE pc, (The free bonus here is very easy porting to mobile devices for all products) Don’t forget the mobile market is growing and so is the umpc market. (in my country i can pay anything from my lunch to my parking meter with my mobile phone)

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Is the starting point.