Menu doesn't close[Resolved]

Just started takin’ BOClean 4 and a quarter for a test drive, but we’re not off to a very impressive start. I right-click the tray icon, configure BOClean to my liking and click Finished. That box closes but the Menu refuses to go away. I have to exit BOClean to clear the screen. The knowledge base says the latest version must be closed with the “Close this menu” button. Well, I guess somebody forgot to put one in mine!

Is this a known issue? 4.25 is the latest version, right? I went to the same site and pushed the same download button and saved the installer, but I’m not gonna uninstall, reboot, reinstall and reboot again if it’s just gonna be a waste of time

Any input would most appreciated, as I’d like to give BOClear a fair go.

Hi Keith,
Welcome to the CBOC forum!
You may need to expand the menu in order to see the “Close this menu” button.
Place your cursor over the edge of the menu until an arrow displays, then left click and drag it down/out.
Let me know if that resolves this?


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Yup! Thanx


Good to hear. :wink:
I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up.