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I do not think that is at-all-true, medicine is a science we treat, diagnoses and medicate just like a GP, surgeon there is no difference. I would like to stick you on a psychiatric ward where someone is washing there hands 200-300 times a day, there hands have no skin left but they cannot stop, or someone who is psychotic and terrified. I had one lady who self harmed by cutting her arms right down to the bone she slit her throat, arms and legs she is alive and now with medication she cannot understand why she did it and she hopes it never occurs again, so if you find the above stupid or just a bunch of idiots - they are normal people, doctors, lawyers, rich and poor, may be one day you may have a mental illness

Hi Dch48,
As I have previously said, yes it is a “broad question” with even broader answers possible.
There is a massive gap between minor and severe disorders, which all can fall under ‘Mental Illness’.

Mental disorders can happen to anyone at anytime, all it needs is a certain trigger and the reaction to this trigger can have life changing results. :slight_smile:
If a disorder is serious enough without some form of treatment, the end result can be very life threatening.

My mother has epilepsy if this can be classed as a mental illness.but we always have a perception of mental illness as being associated with madness in some form although i believe there is a distinction to be made.

The world of “humans” is mad in many parts. Ideologies make it even stupid too.
And its often just conventions if you are seen as mad or not.

“I speak to god through prayer”. He is a man of god.
“I speak to god through my hair dryer.” U mad? :smiley:

No, epilepsy is the result of a physical disorder I believe.

Epilepsy, according to the fast little research I just made, is apparently a Neurological disorder.
Source: Epilepsy - Wikipedia Neurological disorder - Wikipedia

Yes, Epileptic seizures result from abnormal, excessive or hypersynchronous neuronal activity in the brain and have a physical pathology. We say mental illness, but our brain, neurons etc., they are us, emotions, feelings, love and memories are a result of chemical processes within the frontal cortex. Language resides in Broca’s area in the posterior inferior frontal gyrus and vision in M1-M5 occipital lobe.

Tony, tell me why my eyes dont cry anymore from cutting onions after i let cold water run over my wrist :slight_smile:

Sure, epilepsy is the result of a hardware problem rather than a software/firmware issue. :slight_smile:

Clarification: The term “section” is a UK legal term (often referred to as “sectioning”), that means Involuntary Commitment [].

Yes a section is the power under the mental health act 1983. Why do you refer to some stupid question about onions, amazingly for a lot of people they suffer worse than you will ever know, just hope one day you are not one of them.

Because you spoke so nice about the brain.

Sorry if interest is something that makes you harsh.

Thumbs down.

“Stupid question” is the most “stupid answer”.

Sorry, I just added that for our non-UK members. :slight_smile:

It is the nature of the medium (forums) I’m afraid. People find it hard to keep on topic.

Play nice please. You could always start a new topic. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean the obvious serious cases like that. I meant the people with quirks that go for analysis and are told their issue stems from parental or other familial issues and that fosters hostility in the family with blame being thrown around. Before you know it, everything is blown out of proportion and can escalate into violence that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

I also had an aunt who developed what was diagnosed as schizophrenia at the age of about 14. She spent almost her entire life in one institution or another and endured shock treatments and other things that did no good. She was put on drugs and at one point went into catatonia because she had been on the one drug for too long a time and nobody noticed it until she almost died. Something should be done for people with serious problems but in my opinion the mental health field is a very inexact science and the practitioners are still making stabs in the dark without much beneficial effect. They just plainly don’t know.

I would even go as far as to say that the Mental Health field should not even be included under the heading of Medicine. They are different things in my opinion.

I hope they are more careful if ECT is still used.

I knew someone who had this approx. 30/40 years ago.

Sorry it was a waste of time, yes it made this person forget but all the problems where still there afterwards when they came out, so big fail.

It took 3 Male persons to hold this person down, before treatment.

This person was quiet afterwards but lost so much of their memories :frowning:

They have never been well since, a very strong willed person before they broke them.

Or lobotomy. There was a time when this was seen as the way to solve some things.
Not that long ago.
Put a nail through the eye pit, and then cut inside the brain.
“You only will have a blue eye for some days, but the “over vivid kid” will be a nice one after!”
Doctors were driving with mobile lobotomy stations to “heal”.
Thats sick.

Unlike basic towards physic doctors, we must be allways sceptical in front of psychiatrists and definitions. As the things inside our head are far more relative than bodies. The definition can be affected by “current” community definitions. Or political.

Its good when people who have to be protected from themselves get medical support.
But like with the forrest person who ate a fruit and would act as mad from another cultures view, if everything around you tells you, you have a problem… you could get this forrest person mad. While at his home, he would be the “medicine man”, and happy.

Its not that those doctors are not trustable by default. But no one knows more about someone else just by grade. This should be not forgotten.

A nice song about the topic.

Yes that was in the war and before now the lobotomy is banned in the UK, but my dad had one in 1994 as he suffers with severe recurrent depression - he was abused as a child and that plays a major role in how he is today. As for psychiatry I prescribe treatment, ward rounds, section people, as for ECT people who are so depressed have 3-4 and they are different people. I know a surgeon a cardiac surgeon who comes in every 4-6 months, has one ECT and that is his treatment. I also am doing my PhD in serotonin dysfunction in major depressive disorder so I also do significant research