Mensagem de bug no CPF

Recebi uma mensagem do CPF indicando que o mesmo havia detectado um bug, e pedindo para que eu o enviasse a Comodo. Mas o e-mail enviado foi devolvido pelo meu administrador, informando que não conseguiu identificar o destinatário. Como faço para enviá-lo?

Saudações amigo Weber!

Suporte Comodo

Um abraço,

Hi Allan,
Can you be more specific? I clicked on the Comodo support link, but I couldn´t find the way to senda message nor attach the bug report.

You may need to allow javascript on that page as well as create an account (if you don’t already have one) in order to log in prior to submitting a support request.
Then, choose your product from the drop down menu (PC Security Software in this case) and select “Next” to access the support request template.

Thanks for replying Cat,
I have now been able to log in. How do I attach the .ZIP bug report to my message?

You might try uploading it here and point to the message url in your support request.

I doesn´t work either. Copy and paste don´t work. Isn´t there an e-mail addres for Comodo support?

You couldn’t attach a zipped file to your post using the additional options?
What error did it give?

Sorry, I had not seen the additional options. The file has now been attached.
Tks. for the assistance.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You are most welcome.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

I have sent the file with the bug report to Mark (Comodo support) by e-mail, on Nov 09 and again on Nov. 15 and since then I haven´t heard from him …
I am waitin for his reply to my e-mail

Did you create a support ticket?
Once you’ve done that you will get a ticket number that can be used to trace the request.