Memory's usage growing up continuously.

I have installed the latest version of COMODO Internet Security (v on a “clean” computer.

My OS is Windows Pro 7 64 bits.

After COMODO was installed, I switched the configuration from Internet Security to Proactive Security and rebooted.

Afetr I rebooted, I noticed that the memory’s usage was growing up continuously up to the point that Windows showed a window asking me to close as much applications as possible so that to reduce the memory’s usage.

After some experimentations I finally found that the simultaneous use of Proactive Security configuration and Viruscope was the cause of the problem.

If I use only Proactive Security without Viruscope, everything is fine.

If I use Viruscope under Internet Security or Firewall Security configuration, everything is fine also.

Does somebody else noticed the same thing ?

When I installed COMODO Internet Security (the latest version, v, it was on an OS on which COMODO and no other security software have never been installed. That is in this very specific context that I had the memory’s problem described in my former comment.

I have done some more testing and found a workaround to this problem.

I had the intuition that if I was installing first an old version of COMODO Internet Security and that done, updating to the last version of COMODO from the updating facility which exists inside the software, that maybe it would solve the problem.

That’s exactly what happened.

I installed first the latest version 7 of COMODO Internet Security (v 7.0.317799) and after that I have updated the product to the more recent version 8 of the product and everything is now fine.

To the COMODO people : I really don’t know how you are testing your products, but may I suggest to you to always test them on a fresh restored image of an OS on which no security software have never been installed.

Than you.

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