Memory Usage

Not really sure where this Thread truly belongs, so I will start here. I recently installed CIS .v4 on my Dell Inspiron Laptop. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. I have 4g RAM, 500GB Harddrive. My question is this:

Process Hacker is showing cmdagent.exe using up 142.99MB consistently. Is this normal? I have the Firewall alone on one of my other laptops and it only uses 34.48MB.

Can there really be that much going on in CIS? Also, I recently acquired the CIS Complete, and have not yet set it up. I do not have the funds to afford the ridiculous prices of RAM upgrades at the moment. I use MEM Turbo to constantly monitor my RAM usage. Those numbers are an enormous difference. If this is normal, what will the normal usage of CIS Complete be? That is a lot compared to what my system is used to.

Please read here.


Ah… well dont I feel foolish now. It even says at the top, PVT Usage lol. Thanks guys, sorry for wasting your time.