Memory usage

can any one tell me why CD uses such a lage amount of memory. At best Firefox (which is my primary browser) uses 40 - 90 meg, CD uses upto 150 meg.

shadha :THNK

If I had to compare CD to opera for memory use. I would it’s not bad.

(Although like CD, opera is still being worked on) I’m also guessing it depend on your computer configurations too and how many tabs you have opened.
Like windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit) How much memory your computer has (128mb, 256, 512, 1GB 2GB 4GB etc, etc.

These were some result for “opera 10.50”

I don't know, hwat problem you have on your W7, but in XP, in my case, with 17 tabs opened, Opera beta eat 299,435 K/RAM. Same version, but on poorer configuration, with only 512 MB/RAM PC, it uses with 17 tabs opened, just 190,233K/RAM. Maybe is something wrong with your OS. Who knows?
W7 x64, 15 tabs opened - 281,656MB ram used, which i dont care, 4gb in total so I never use more than 50% until play games. But i guess opera has a dynamic core which will use more or less ram depending on your system settings like page file size, how often you visit site (precashing on you hard drive) and ram amount. But it is only a guess :). The only problem I am facing using opera is that it lack support for Ai Roboform!! - I am not talking about that rubbish web applet . Who knows.. maybe one day :)
Thanks on update! This new final Opera version looks very good on Win7.

I agree with you. Opera uses about 280MB of ram on my system. I think it`s because of the native AERO interface.

Opera is adapting memory usage to the amount of memory available. By default it will take 10% of your RAM when it starts. Apart from that the used amount of RAM will depend on how many tabs that are open and the amount of visited sites in each tab.

When other applications need RAM Opera is said to quickly release it. Opera is build from the ground up to work on multiple operating systems and more important for this topic for a broad spectrum of devices (phones, set top boxes, browsers in tv’s for hotels etc…) that are not always equipped with potent hardware.

  • Applications frees memory as the OS needs it.
  • Why?
  • Performance.
  • What?
  • Let’s say you computer haves 4gb ram and 2gb are free. So you open some app, the app have to request the OS to alocate memory, some time later the app doesn’t need it, but your pc still have so much free memory for use, so OS decides to keep this alocated memory for the app for future use (and the OS doesn’t need to realocate again).

PS: Older OS (like win98) and embedded systems/OS doesn’t use this memory police. O0