memory usage

??? I am using the latest version of CPF which is supposed to have improved a lot regarding resource usage.
I find that the processes CPF.EXE and CMDAGENT.EXE consuming 21 and 8.5 MB of memory.
Is it standard, more or less ?
My Tune-up utilities > system advisor prompts that comodo is using a large share of available memory. I have 1 GB of the same.
Any comments ?

Previous version used to take 55 MB, so 21 + 8,5 is considered to be an improvement.
I would say, based on readings, that a standard default setup takes about 22 MB + 6 MB.

I have a lot of mem usage with firefox and thunderbird., then i recomend you, i’m using it, “Meminfo”.It’s a very good free program. You can download it at:

You may accurate with incompatibilities and order of installation of security programs and video codecs and have a clen registry

My Comodo mem usage (:TNG)

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Hey thanks for sharing, Rafel.
I found out, Twistpad (from the same link you share) is quite ok.

But twistpad isn’t free, it’s shareware (:WIN)

Hey scaa,

So far ( and I check task manager several times a day) cpf.exe stays within 15-18 MB and CMDAGENT.EXE stays within 5-8 MB. So I’d say your fine, as no two computers are the same.

BTW, I also have 1 GB of ram.

And now you tell me… ~_~
Well, I guess I’ll just try anyway.

Not to be rude, but in this day and age, memory usage shouldnt be an issue at all, comodo could consume 200mb for all I care even though it doesnt, If people are so concerned about memory usage, I think its time to buy yourself another COMP and I’m very serious no pun. I’m an advid gamer, my system has only 1 gig of ram and I dont even have a pagefile, I’m still fast oh am I fast ! LOL !

                                               (:LOV)  (:LGH)   (:CLP)   (:KWL)

Hey yankin,

Thanks for your opinion, but your circumstances don’t necessarily reflect everyone else’s reality.

You say you’ve got “only 1 gig of ram”. Only? Have a look in mainstream retailers. How much memory do they install as standard - 256MB or 512MB. If we were running a system with 256MB, then a 200MB firewall might be a bit of an issue, might’nt it? Myself, my test box has 256MB and I won’t increase it. Apps should be designed to run 100% correctly in a base config. If it can run well in a tiny world, it should only go better in a bigger one.

ewen :slight_smile:

256? You go to soft, mine has 128 ;D, (actually it is just a really old machine running 2000 pro which was upgraded from 98, so it isn’t worth upgrading)