Memory usage problems

Comodo 3.10

memory problems… hmmm :-TD

seems cmdagent wants to climb to 300+ of memory usage every now and than, and will climb also when starting firefox.

■■■■ thing is slowing my pc down a lot.

When the av database gets updated CIS uses quite some RAM. On my system, check my signature, around 200 MB with short peaks up to 250.

There are more than several reports from people with 512 MB, or less, RAM that have lot of disk activity in the process. As a workaround you can add the pagefile to the exclusions.

How does CIS behave in memory with regards to FF? What version of FF are we talking about ? here? What OS are you on?

it seems to jump a little whenever i start firefox (3.012) and im on Windows XP Media Center

how do I add the pagefile to exclusions?

How much is jumping a little? I guess memory usage may vary some when the firewall is working.

To add the pagefile to the AV exclusions go to Anti Virus → Scanner settings → Exclusions → Add → Browse → now copy paste “c:\pagefile.sys” to the input field at the top (assuming your Windows is installed on the c drive/partition) → push the + button → Apply → Ok

hmmm mines set to default install but no pagefile.sys ???

You need to manually change the AV settings as described in my previous posts.

ahh sorry bout that done and done