Memory usage on windows XP

Hi everybody and first of all my congratulations to all the COMODO team for the excellent work.
I installed CIS on my PCs as the following:

  • Dell laptop with Vista 32, successfull upgrade from rel. 4 to rel. 5.0.163652.1142. No issues, config correctly imported (automatically by the install process). CPU zero impact, memory usage very very low (cfp.exe less than 4Mb, variable, cmdagent.exe 12 Mb, obviously variable). The overall memory usage is stable and didn’t increase (except adding cfp and cmdagent) since I installed CIS (both the rel. 4 and the upgrade to rel. 5) on the clean system.

the issue

  • HP desktop with XP 32bit (SP3). Uninstalled KIS 2010 (trial expired), used revo unistaller, check residuals with KIS removal tool, then check again and cleaned with CrapCleaner. After that the clean system showed about 190 Mb overall memory usage, before installing CIS. After CIS installation (directly rel. 5, dowloaded from Comodo web site) the memory usage is about 360 Mb, afetr start up, no application running (except essential system files).
    Rebooted several times, made a full scan, no unreconognized files, Internet security config, antivirus stateful, firewall and D+ in safe mode, sandbox enabled.
    Tried reinstallation, changing configs, nothing happen, it always seems to eat more than 160 memory Mb.

Can you suppose it’s normal memory usage on XP ? (more than KIS 2010 ?!)
or Do you have any suggestion to reduce committed memory ? (I’ve read tons of posts here, including install suggestions)
Does someone want to post his memory usage experience on XP 32bit system in order to check this behaviour of CIS v5 ?

I love CIS and I’m sure there’s or ther 'll be a workaround for this.

Thanks and congratulations for your Great job

What memory usage are you referring to here? Is it cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe that is using the big amount of memory? Does the memory usage settle down say 5-10 minutes after Windows was completely booted?

thanks Eric, I’m new here :-[

it’ the working set memory, on task manager, XP 32bit SP3 desktop.
cfp cmdagent
soon after startup 12 kb 21.5 kb
after 15 min from startup 7.9 Kb 2.3 Kb
I believe it’s normal, absolutely no problem ;), the same of what happens on the Vista 32bit system.
What I really don’t figure out :o is why the total (working set) memory usage increases 170 Mb, see here:
total memory usage
without CIS 5 installed 190 Kb
with CIS 5 installed 360 Kb
I would expect memory increases ONLY due to cfp and cmdagent, and in Vista this seems to be respected.
I have 1 Gb RAM on my desktop (the XP system).
Thanks for your dedication

Additional info (don’t really know if it could help in this analysis, so sorry if I’m bothering you …as well as for my english):
immediately after the installation process, after the first reebot, CIS advised for an ‘‘unrecognized’’ active process, to be partially limited. The relevant process is named ‘recguard.exe’ and is a safe process in HP desktop to prevent recovery partition being damaged. This process has been set to ‘trusted files’ automatically by CIS, quite immediately after let say 5’'. That’s all

Hi there Netexplorer, Just letting you know I run CIS V5 Cfp.exe using variable 4-6mb and Cmdagent.exe using 5-10mb except during db updates then it may use up to 80mb if its avalaible at the time. Right at this moment while typing this I have 180mb free, This is on a system running xp with only 384mb Ram. Don’t know if this info is of any use. Kind regards

[to captainsticks]: I recommend you this download Memory Improve Master Free Version - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

I am using it myself and i have never had any problem and it’s the best in its category (in my view; i have tried a few other).

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I hope this will help.


@ captainsticks: thanks for your contribution

as u can read in my last post the issue is addressed to overall used memory increase, due to or consequent to CIS v5 installation. The stand alone mem values used by cmdagent and cfp, both during updates whether not, during or after start up, are not the issue, I’m confident with them and they 're similar to yours.
But, since u have 384 Mb total memory and 160 free (so 224 Mb committed on active processes), I could suppose your os did not increase memory usage of 170 Mb consequent to CIS v5 installation.
And that’s my point. Getting crazy with that ??? !!

@ Valentinchen: I appreciate your suggestions, no doubt your suggested applications are best in class in doing their job.
I can suppose my XP platform is optimized and effective as possible at this stage. Don’t believe a memory optimizer application could face this issue.
Going to give up CIS 5 and come back to older solutions…
If would say by myself it’s not a proper memory usage on behalf of CIS 5…there must be something wrong somewhere, and if I’m not successfull in investigating on that, then I’ve no other chance…very sorry for that

try my tip and you will see a deference. If CIS is nothing for you then try this combo: Avast and comodo firewall.

If you have to little ram then buy(not that expensive if you take 512mb).


To Valentinchen, thanks for your ideas I have bookmarked the links you said about and will look into them later when time permits. Thanks.

To Netexplorer, I would imagine something not quite right with your install because I was just trying to point out that V5 is running well here on a very low spec system. Sorry I don’t know why V5 is worse than V4 on your system. Overall memory usage similar here to either version with the exception that V4 did use up to 120mb during database updates compared to 80mb with V5. Good luck with a solution. P.s Sorry I don’t remember my mem usage without CIS.
Kind regards to all.

ok, at this stage I’m going to further investigate and to have a full comprehension of correct set up of CIS.
Let you know where successfull

many thanks to everybody, I appreciate