Memory usage increase

I don’t know what’s going on but today I’ve experienced an increasing in the usage of virtual memory of CIS.
Normally cmdagent takes 130MB but today is eating 300MB!!!
I’ve checked in Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP computers with the last release 5.3.181415.1237.
Virus database version is 8021 in both computers. I’ve restarted the computer a couple of times but the problem persist.
I’ve also realized that CEVPN hangs when trying to connect to a network and when this occurs, cmdagent memory usage increases and freezes my computer.
Does somebody have experienced this issue? Is there any problem with the last virus database?

Here you have more clues.
I’ve removed CIS and now CEVPN works fine, so CIS is the guilty.
I’ll install CIS again and see what happens without updating the virus signature.

It’s the Antivirus of CIS.

It always used a lot of mem updating and scanning (up to 250-300MB peak, around 60MB on average), but now its already huge virtual mem usage of 130MB has shot to near 300MB.

It’s now getting to the level where it can affect performance on some machines.

I wrote a thread here:

EDIT: Also check out here

Confirmed. It’s the virus signature.
I’ve reinstalled CIS and virtual memory usage at first reboot was 50-60MB. Once I’ve updated to the last virus signature, memory rises 300MB.
As there are another post with the same problem I guess it’s better keep posting in that one:

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