Memory Usage After Firefox Download

Hi, I have a problem with my firewall. Using Firefox 3, whenever I download a file from the Internet, as soon as the file finishes downloading, the “cmdagent.exe” process begins to eat up a lot of the CPU (sometimes up to 100%). This happens with every download, for a few seconds (my fan begins to run higher, and Task Manager shows as little as 50% CPU usage going to COMODO). I run avast!, and I used to have it (with the Download Statusbar Firefox extension) scan all my downloads as soon as they finished downloading. To troubleshoot, I disabled avast!'s quickscan, but the problem still remains. When a file finishes downloading, COMODO eats up the CPU for about 10 seconds.

Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a way to fix it? I use COMODO Firewall Pro with Defense+ set to Clean PC Mode, along with Windows XP SP3. I also have avast! set to exclude COMODO in real-time protection.

Firefox downloads are known to freeze. Been happening to me for years. With or without Comodo. First did you make Firefox a web browser under the firewall policy? Go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and find Firefox and right click on it and edit it. Select Web Browser from the predefined policy’s. Apply. Also there are several modules that need to be added to D+. Try putting D+ in training mode then doing the same download.

Okay, thanks for the reply. I’ve done what you said, and listed Firefox under a “Web Browser” policy. Then I put D+ in Training Mode, and now it seems a bit better. Like you said, the downloads still freeze for a bit (probably from being scanned by avast!) but COMODO doesn’t eat up 100% of the CPU anymore.


The freeze is your AV scanning. What are you using for an av? Do not leave D+ in training mode.