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I was very happy initially with the comodo product as it seemed light weight and less interfering in performance than windows defender. Then I found my machine hanging. The task manager revealed that upto 6GB was being used by Cis and causing the machine to hang. If accessable task manager allowed one to end the task and freed up the memory and performance. Despite disabling everything it permanently it would restart. I have disabled all the antivirus,frewall,hips,containment,virusscope and am hoping it won’t rstart and use the memory as it seemed to on several occasions. i was forced to hold the power down to reboot the machine which corrupted my drive and got fixed with windows 10 version chkdsk.
Shame that i may need to uninstall this program as a lot of it potentially seems good. I was dismayed by Geek buddy who wanted to sell me a fix for > $100 which made me wonder if it was a selling technique. If so this would be very sad. It would also be good to disable Geekbuddy.

I would say using 6GB of ram would be a computer issue like maybe bad memory card or hardware problem. I have not seen comodo use more than the system required memory (384 MB available RAM).

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I would say try to do a hardware diagnostic, it may find a problem because there is no way cis is causing the issue. It could be something corrupt with windows causing the high memory usage. With no screen shot, I don’t believe it as I have never seen much over 50% memory usage. This is with 3GB. Idle usage is between 18%-20%, without cis installed, 15% usage.

You should check with the newest version and do you remember the process name that was using all that memory? Was it cis.exe, cistray.exe, cmdagent.exe, or cavwp.exe?

it was cmdagent. It would be going up through the computer session. If I detected it early enough I would use end task before the computer became non-functional. The memory works fine and was branded memory. I am now just using 39% of 8gb without cis running and renamed cmdagent to stop it rebooting. I wasted a lot of time with this product with good potential. the fact that geekbuddy wanted me to subscribe to sort out a problem caused by cis seems ridiculous. I felt it was like installing something which caused significant disruption and then being asked for money to rectify the problem caused by the software - all be it “free”. The sad thing is that in theory it seemed like good software.

Sorry I just realised my comment was not clear. The memory used by cmdagent would be going up all the time. I would use task manager to end the task which would result in the memory being used being released. Cmdagent would still be running and over a period of tme its memory usage would go up.

Was there a memory leak with cmdagent or its used component. I would not feel comfortable using it yet as it put a significant backlog on my work.

Sorry, has any bug been identified or rectified with cmdagent with the If it has I will retry comodo when I have time

They improve/fix stuff all the time. I’m not aware of any memory leak although there’s a chance that it was silently fixed. Memory leaks are kind of tricky… please use required format.