Memory leak? - Dragon &

This one leaks handles.

Dragon has a monitoring page loaded that refreshes automatically every 60.
This page also loads a Quicktime plugin to play a sound.

OS = Win 2003 server, 32bit.

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Wow, does any one know if this version of Chrome had any similar problems? Thanks
Edit- Or is it definately a Dragon only problem.

Does it happen in Incognito Mode?

Does it happen after Clearing All Of The Browser Data?

What Extensions are you using?

Could you post a KillSwitch Log of this when it is happening? (:NRD)

Version 9 has the same issue.

  • No incognito
  • No while running after days.
  • No extensions.

browser is open 24x7 with a page that refreshes every 60 seconds to display statistics.

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I hope someone will help you fix the problem, good luck. :slight_smile: