Memory Improvemet

I have a Dell Dimension 2350 I inherited with Windows XP SP3 on it, it only has 1GB of RAM as that is the max the motherboard can handle. And before anyone proposes I “upgrade, etc.” I don’t have the money…PERIOD.
Anyway, whenever CAVWP.EXE “kicks off”, at random times as well as when “updating definitions”, it basically suck ALL AVAILABLE MEMORY as well as slows my processor WAY DOWN (mind it is a 2.2GHX P4).
If you REALLY want to improve the product then you have to either REIGN it in, or allow it be seriously reigned in as to how much memory and CPU time it is ALLOWED to use.
This memory vampirism is slowly making me SERIOUSLY regret the product being on my machine.
Prior to it (and yes all previous sec soft is GONE) I tried other programs and combinations and you know what? NONE OF THEM EVER USED THAT MUCH MEMORY. EVER.
So, PLEASE, look into some way to seriously reign in mem use on low mem machines…PLEASE.
Thank you.

I’m sorry that you have this problem. There is a post in the installation FAQ on adapting CIS for lower powered settings. It was really for CIS 5.x but may help for 6.x.

Though memory usage it constantly kept under control I doubt if CIS will be re-designed to suit use on low powered XP machines as people are moving away from them.

Best wishes


Um that’s strange comodo is only using 15 mb of ram on my computer and its updating. i know you don’t want to hear this, but its either time to get a new computer or… get a 4 gb ram stick that’s compatible with your motherboard. Ram is cheaper nowadays, unless its not modern.
Signed with pelasgians stamp of approval lol