Memory Hog

In my previous statement I said that CAV hogs memory but them I read that one of your customers said that his memory usage is only about 50meg. My system sits at about 100-105 meg. Do you have any ideas why there is such a difference. I unstalled CAV and put NOD32 on again and it runs at about 20-25meg. I then uninstalled it and reinstalled CAV and it was back to the same 100-105 meg.
Hope you can help

unfortunately until the next version it does consume more memory. However it should not consume that much, maybe certain configurations is causing that, Kishor is the right guy with the answers :slight_smile:
Please bear with us until the next version where the mem usage will be reduced drastically.


The memory used by CAV can be reduced in steps. You will see the remarkable improvement in next immediate release.

Resource consumption is a very critical issue that all security software must handle with care, why? because this software is supposed to work silently in the background and the user should not have to suffer system lags, or diminished performance

My state above is the reason that I’m using Comodo Personal Firewall, I was using Zone Alamr but noticed it was getting bigger and bigger and bloated my system.

So the CAV shoould consider that important factor and try to use the less ram and CPU it could.