Memory Hog

Why does CAV use over 100meg of memory (105 to be a little more precise) and other AV’s such as NOD32 or Avast only 20 -25 meg. I hope this will be fixed real soon as I like the Comodo products.

Most defnitely it will be addressed! We are on the case already :wink:

bear with us while we make these babies leaner and meaner :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great firewall, but I for one am going to unistall your antivirus solution. It’s unacceptable that it should take up so much memory. I mean…over 100megs! I’ll be checking back fo r updates in the future. Then I’ll try again…back to NOD…

Thanks for trying to provide a free solution, though.



Yes at the moment Comodo is not the best antivirus when it comes to resources but it will get better, Comodo is spending a lot of time and money on this.