Memory and CPU usage of

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I am using version and I am quite happy with it. Very good work, keep it up! A firewall like this for free is outstanding. (:CLP)

Over my first days of using this firewall, I recognized the folowing:
(Hardware: WinXP Prof SP2 incl. updates, Core Solo 1,66GHz with 768MB Ram)

(1) cmdagent.exe and cpf.exe are using ~25MB memory from startup. After a few hours, the memory usage drops to ~15MB. I do not have a problem with that but it is a little unlogical and perhaps related to a small bug or we have room for improvements.

(2) I am using the latest Skype (VoIP, chatting, videocalls) and Azureus (P2P-Bittorrent) very often. When those are running, e.g. a videochat in Skype or active downloads in Azureus, the CPU usage of both Comodo processes is around 5-30%. Is there anything I can do to lower this CPU usage without compromising security too much?

(3) I do not understand what the “Network Monitor” in the firewall is doing. Can I switch it off?

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Hi and welcome at the forums.

1.This happens when CPF is at learning mode. I guess that first CPF writes the changes that occur when learning about the programs at the ram and later on adds them at the registry. (but I am not quite sure about this)

  1. It can be lowered by disabling “Do protocol analysis” but I don’t recommend it, especially if you are not behind a router.

  2. “Network monitor” works like a gateway. It is the strongest component of CPF and its first line of defence. Don’t disable unless it is absollutly necessary and only if you are behind a cable-router. Don’t do it if you are behind a wifi-router or a modem.

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