Mellih, please read it. About my sadness using CIS7

Hi Mellih. Please, consider making a new interface that user less visual effects, less background imgs and more speed. Please, consider it as a request from a user that really loves Comodo products and really hope to continue using CIS as long as it gets updates, atleast if it gets some speedup on interface and aplication run.

My request is a result from 5~6 months running CIS6/7, testing it in 4 different machnes (different specs and types / notebooks and desktops) and figuring out what makes it so slow on any of these 4 machines.

Some points for consideration:

  • When doubleclicking on the tray icon the CIS 7 gui takes a lot of time to show up the main gui (something about 3 ~ 5 seconds and this is slow);
  • When updating the database the update process takes a long time to apply the database updates;
  • Navigating on the CIS configurations I experience a lot of “slow/hogs” when opening any of the dialogs.

The slow/hogs I experience are really bad if I compare it with some other vendors like KIS, AIS, ZIS, etc.

After all these months testing it I have a good point of view as a user and I am really unhappy about it. I was considering rolling back to v5.12 but as CIS 7 has some better configs and options I think it will not be a good decision to do so. Then I decided to come here and ask You to consider looking deeply on the CIS GUI behaviors on a dev perspective as it will cost you and your developers some time to figure out what is going on with the engine used on CIS.

After some modifications I came with an idea that maybe is not the ideal but my GUESS is that the real problem is the main themes on CIS7. Try to add an old style theme, with less animations, less visual effects and we will see what happens. Otherwise, the only thing that cames to mind is to RE-DO the hole CIS engine for a “near” future update.

Just to end this post my feelings are that sadly I am really unhappy with CIS right now. Not the protection that it gives me but the hard times with slow down on the 4 machines mentioned before. And thats a “stop using CIS” for me.

I guess that some other users will agree with me. Even if they dont, thats fine. These are mey personal feeling about CIS right now and I hope You listen to these points I made.


Thank You.

I trust in You and your team. Ill wait for good news…

Hi, Yes here I have to agree with you 100%, Comodo need to rethink the CIS UI, indeed it is slow, even though the CIS7 is much more fast then CIS6 in terms of av performance, the UI it give you headaches some time when you need to modify some settings.

The UI since version 6 has been a sore spot for a lot of people on here, me included. Yeah, it looks very good, but using it is another story. When I think of talk about the UI pre-version 6 it was usually people asking about a change for the sake of change, but not so much usability problems. Certainly it can always be improved, but in my opinion it took a step back in version 6.

Mellih, do you have any information about what is going on in the dev-discussions about next update for cis? What kind of improovements can we expect?

Can you post your computer specs? I mean if you are still running P4 with 512mb ram and IGP then no doubt you will have slow UI. Its 2014, unless you are running at least Core 2 Duo or better then there is no hope for you. The world has moved on, you can’t be on a 10 years old computer and expect good results.

Slow CPU upgrade cycle is 5 years, anything slower than that you are significantly behind times.

Let me remind you that CIS is a security program and not a video game. Video games and the like require intense System reourses. CIS is just a security suite which quite frankly doesn’t use a lot of resources. The fact that they still support windows xp makes us assume that they intend to support older devices. Also keep in mind that people may not have the money to buy a new computer just to run CIS at optimal performance :slight_smile:

CIS 7 final on 4 machines with these specs:

  1. AMD Athlon II X2 250 + 4Gb of RAM at DDR3 + Radeon HD 4350
  2. AMD Phenom II X6 + 8Gb of RAM at DDR3 + Radeon HD 7550
  3. AMD APU A6 + 8Gb of RAM at DDR3 without dedicated GPU
  4. AMD APU A6 Black + 8Gb of RAM at DDR3 without dedicated GPU

In the 4 machnes CIS 7 presents the same behavior with lags and slow downs.

And even if the case was an AMD A4 quad-core 25w + 2Gb of RAM this is an security software, not an game, like our friend pointed out.

And again, Im still waiting for some news from Melih about what they intend to do on this matter…

Edit.: All of then running Windows 7 x64 Pro SP1, updated.

Well pointed, I’m sure Comodo will rethink the main UI and give some av performance. I know they improved the av, but since v5 I don’t see any big changes in av engine. Only time will tell.

Hi yro,
I am personally not seeing any GUI lag worth mentioning.
I wonder if AMD processors are the common factor with the GUI slowdowns, I do not have any AMD systems.
Maybe some issue occurring between AMD systems and CIS. :-\

Is anyone else noticing slow GUI and if yes what processor does the system have?


I notice some GUi lag when using tile them and it is showing numbers in one of the squares (Antivirus alert, etc.) When the tiles reset, after a restart usually, the lag is gone.

My System is Windows 8.1 64bit,4 GB Ram, Intel HD 3000 Graphics, Also Intel Core i3 Processor

I think Comodo is going towards being light and giving good protection rather than being heavy. I don’t like that if a File is on the TVL it is excluded from the AV because I have found a few bad vendors.

I dont know. Maybe something about the theme itselfe that is used on cis new engine. Thats why I suggested to make an trial with a new light theme, basic, without fancy effects… to see if the lag goes away…

I’m wondering how long until Comodo gets a new interface… Maybe in v8? But I don’t think that is coming out anytime soon.

Well let’s see… next year ;D

Devs are too quiet… :frowning:

This could be a good thing… or a BAAAD thing…

Well, all I known is that every security softwares companies are somehow quiet for some time… Maybe they all are triyng some new approach for security softwares…

Well I hope to see a solid and a very good v8 version, with some performance and why not new features in av side. For now V7 is good but… something indeed missing here. I also have some lags in UI, I have an Asus k53u with Amd E-350 1,6Ghz dual core. So from way back to v5 on my laptop the comodo av really has a poor performance(indeed in V7 something has changed but still…), compare with other av on the market(avira,avast, qihoo) with these ones I don’t experience any down side in overall performance(open a folder full of shortcuts, navigate to different places like Control Panels and other stuff). The av needs a new architecture, and a permanent cache that really works, for now comodo av scan every time with high cpu wear same stuff that hasn’t changed for 3 years or more. If we already have Default Deny av should be more efficient, because right now it seems to me that the av acts like is the only layer of security an need to scan every time everything from to scratch. On the desktop isn’t quite an issue because they are very well ventilated, but on notebooks things are a bit different.

The lack of informations or plans from Comodo is making me unhappy. Today, at night (its 15:33 in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro), Ill downgrade to CIS 5.12 and stay on it for about 3 months. Then Ill try another security software.

Thanks Mellih for the great software for about 5 years protecting me, but now its not that great with the problems mentioned before.

absolutly agreed
i think creating one great product is better than
many of worthless things with bugs and problems