"Melih's Corner" out of date ?!!!


If Melih Abdulhayoglu was replaced as CEO from Bill Holtz, why is there still “Melih’s Corner”? ??? The section description is therefore no longer current!

Furthermore, I am very disappointed that he has not even adopted here in the forum. :frowning:

Bill Holtz is CEO of Sectigo Limited (formerly Comodo CA).

Melih Abdulhayoğlu is chairman of Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Melih is still the founder, Chairman & CEO of Comodo Cybersecurity https://www.comodo.com/comodo-cybersecurity.php?track=11088&af=11088#leadership and although I see he has not been active on this forum for a while ?? he is active and logs in nearly daily on the Comodo One forum https://forum.itarian.com/

When the Comodo CA Section was sold off, Bill Holtz became the CEO of Comodo CA and is now branded as Sectigo Sectigo and as a separate company they would not be on this forum but I take it they will have their own if the need was great enough.

Ok, thanks for the information! :-TU Unfortunately, the connections in the link below were ambiguously formulated. 88)

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Sectigo is part of Francisco Partners, which acquired Comodo CA in October 2017. In November 2018, Comodo CA was rebranded as Sectigo.