Melih: Why not make it easier to get info about CAVS 3 ?

I visit the forum once or twice a week to try to get some info about the progress of CAVS 3, but there never seems to be any (info that is… ), at least not that I can ever find.

I think it would be very considerate on your part to put a CAVS 3 PROGRESS category right on the opening page of the forum. Perhaps make it a sticky so it doesn’t get all off-topic. Update it every few days, even if just to say “still no timeline.” I know I’m not the only one who comes here looking for that info but leaves not knowing any more that when I arrived (:SAD)

And as long as I’m here I may as well ask it for the fourth time… when CAVS 3 finally does come out as a final (or even later as v3.x) , will it support Win 2K Pro? (And I don’t mean the 2003 server… I don’t care about the server ! I’m asking about Win 2K Pro.) The closest I’ve come to an answer about Win 2K Pro has twice wound up being about the server, and as I said, well, you know…

Actually i too can’t find any info bout it… i really want the antivirus when the firewall is so gud!

Waite till monday, they will launch CFP 3.1 then and the on-demand scanner of CAVS 3 integraded.


I can’t run CFP 3 on Win 2K !

That’s why I’m trying to find out if CAVS 3 will at some point support Win 2K.

That’s why I point out in every post that I am running a Win 2K computer.
I’ve gotten replies about the Win 2003 server and now alaertsxan points out that CFP 3.1 will be out on Monday.
That info does ME no good because, as I may have mentioned, I have a Windows 2000 Pro computer, and I’m trying to find out if CAVS 3 will at some point support Win 2K.

But once again, nobody’s answering ME ! (:AGY)

I have been really soft-spoken, sweet and polite in all my posts, but come on people, this is getting aggravating; it shouldn’t have to be like pulling teeth! It’s a fairly easy question: “At some point will CAVS 3 support Windows 2000 Pro?”

What’s your OS?


at jeeprad:
Unfortunatelly I think, we, the users don’t know the answer. Still, there are lots of people using win2k so it will be a good idea to support that platform too, but I think the problem is not that developers don’t care about win2k users, but the fact that the newest and obviously more secure technologies are not win2k compatible. In this regard there is a larger gap between win2k and xp than xp and vista afaik. I mean there are things you can do in vista and xp that you can’t do in win2k. I recon that to reach a similar level of security in win2k, developers have to design a completly different arquitecture. Which actually would be looking backwards, which I wouldn’t call progress.

I know this is not the perfect solution, but have you considered upgrading from win2k to a newer OS? Or this is not an option for you?

Anyway, we should wait for an official answer to your question.

CAV 3 is top secret.

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Please dont take my word as red jeeprad,but i`ve read somewhere that the platform used for CFP v3 is the platform that there hoping to integrate all Comodo future products on and have it so they can all integrate nicely.So under this assumption i doubt CAV v3 will be compatable with Win2K.I may be wrong?

Cheers Matty

ps giraffe thats naughty!!!

I know, but I was in a silly mood!

I come here from time to time to get info about the release of CAVS 3 too, but as someone mentioned earlier it seems to be hush hush. As a software developer myself I can only guess that this silence is due to serious problems, or the development hasn’t progressed much and no realistic projec plan can be made…

It’s a free product so I guess we can’t demand exactly the same kind of support and services as for a commercial one, but a “progress bar”(or similiar) updated once a week wouldn’t be too much to ask for would it?

Comodo are, apparently, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. About twelve months ago, they announced a tentative release date for a product and whent he release date had to slip, as release dates most often do, the users unleashed the hounds of hell on their collective asses.

Since that time, they have adopted a policy of say nothing until we are ready for release.

It would be nice to have a timeline, but as it is still under development, nothing is concrete and they would be asking for trouble if they published release info.

Patience grasshoppers, patience.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I would suggest this idea is extended to all Comodo products. New versions, updates to existing versions, new products, betas, etc. An early version of CFP 3 could not be updated using its own updater. It just said ‘no updates available’, i think. It was only by chance that i discovered i had to download the new version. This could have been posted in suggested sticky or whatever.


Reason: Out-Dated post.