Melih what are your security thoughts on widgets?

Hi Melih,

Many of my friends use widgets on their computer. When I say “widgets” I mean something like Yahoo Widgets or the widgets built into Opera. Anyway I’m very security conscience and although I think widgets are very cool and I’d like to use them myself but I’m too scared they may be a potential security concern. I always think what if someone makes a really cool working widgets and then tacks on a keylogger or something and then I’m screwed. Anyway I wanted to ask you Melih, being a security expert, what your thoughts on widgets were and if they are secure?


Well the issue is what to trust!

Browser extensions/tools/widgets are handy utilities, but the issue is how do you know which one to trust.

This is where you need an authority that you can trust to tell you that they have checked this application for spyware/malware and its clean. This way you can trust the application and use it.

Comodo will be launching such a certification very soon. In the meanwhile all these can be submitted to our malware analysis team using CPF submit file functionality so that you can know if they are good or not.