Melih: Suggestion... [Resolved]

I see everywhere, On, Wilders, etc etc… That peoples main problems are “too many pop ups”.

Yes… TC is in BETA, and expected to have more features in the future to help deal with pop ups, But maybe… Melih, When Comodo starts up for the first time, A pop up should show up like “It is recommended you put Defense+ in Training Mode for at least 7 days or whatever” So that Defense+ can learn the applications on your computer, Then in 7 days it AUTOMATICALLY switches to something such as “Train with Safe Mode”, Therefore, All your SAFE applications on your computer are allowed and learnt, dramatically reducing the # of pop ups.

Similar to Zonealarm’s learning Mode… So that average user doesn’t have to keep going into Defense+, changing different types of settings all the time. Along with TC, I like this idea… Just a thought… Something along those lines, for the future maybe? and then, You still have the Advanced Firewall watching out for programs trying to connect to the internet, and Defense+ learns them for that 7 day period of time or so.


Because we have the most secure platform with CFP v3 and Defense+ we are concentrating on usability… we will have most secure and most usable product for you guys! soon…


The problem with popups is that comodo asks for every file creation/modification even if the program is safe.
IMHO Comodo should allow modification of files that don’t have firewall or defense+ rules if the program is safe and the mode is “Clean PC” or “Training with Safe Mode”.

In cleanpc mode there shoul be almost no popups if the user doesn’t install something new. even if he installs something, if uses properly the installation mode there should be very few popups.

I think there could be two reasons for a lot of popups:

  • People don’t know how to use cfp properly, they don’t know the difference between the modes.
  • There is a bug or something hardware related which prevents the remembering of rules.

Anyway a maybe there should be a flash tutorial at the beginning of the installation. Although the help file is very good, except some minor errors I think most people don’t read them before using the product. Cfp is not difficult to use. You just have to understand the logic behind it. Btw we are in the 21th century. Everybody should posess some minimal knowledge in IT…

Honestly speaking I have Comodo running on my laptop and desktop and I have never had a problem with pop ups or 2 many. When I did get pop ups I knew it was normal cause the firewall was learning and so was D+. Even when I did use OA I got pop ups. If you use a firewall only program you will get next to non with pop ups. If you use a firewall with HIPS you will get pop ups till all your programs are learned. The problem is when people get a pop up they are annoyed rather then realizing what the program is doing. Simple education goes along way. People don’t want to take the time to learn nor do they have patience. If you make people realize that you get will pop ups for the first week or so then they understand. My Aunt knows absolutely nothing about computers and I mean nothing. I set her up with Comodo and D+ active. I had her use her computer while I was there and she got a D+ alert. I told her to read it and be sure she knew the program was safe, which obviously it was cause her pc was about 10 minutes old out of the box. She clicked allowed and thats it. She knows the difference from a firewall alert and a D+ alert. I think Comodo straight out of the box if fine. I know PC Tools Firewall when installed stays in training mode for a week. Thats all fine and dandy but what if there pc is infected. Now somebody is going to put the blame on PC Tools for allowing an infection to run amok. So if Comodo was to be installed at a default settings of training mode don’t you think the people with infected machines would start to blame Melih and the Comodo team for not stopping this. This is how people think. Blame the new product they just installed but don’t bother to look at the entire system.

This seems to help :slight_smile: Thanks Melih.

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