Melih - please read.

I am a great believer in constructive criticism, hence my writing this message.
I have two points to ask about and would be interested to hear your responses to both.

I am a customer of Comodo for certificates. I am choosing to keep my details private at this stage. I work for a college, and have a few certificates with Comodo.
I am not renewing any of my certificates with you, instead activly moving to another provider. I will explain why.

  1. Your Sales staff are terribly trained. To be more specific, your American sales staff. Having been a customer for some years, I now regularly call early in the morning to reach the Sales staff you have in the UK. Why? They simply know what they are talking about!
    Your US sales know so little about your certificate products, I fail to believe you even have any training for them. While I get that they won’t know all the technical details, I’ve spoken to several guys and gals there over the years and never had any of the Americans answer my questions correctly. Meanwhile the guys in the UK help me first time, every time.
    Makes me embarrassed to be an American.

  2. Spamming. Melih, I know you’ve had people address this before - but HOW CAN WE TRUST A SECURITY COMPANY WHO SPAMS?!
    It’s not opt-in. It’s not just me. YOU ARE SPAMMING.
    Look - even the Mozilla guys are complaining!!!
    Seriously - how can you justify this? I have several email addresses (work and personal) and yet I get your ‘Infosecuritynews’ emails AND I’VE NEVER OPTED IN.
    It’s well and good offering people an opt-out, but stop spamming them in the first place.

I’m not sure I’ll get any response to this message, but I’m a believer in letting people explain their actions, especially if they are losing business from it.


I can understand your annoyance - Comodo promotes itself as ultimately trustworthy, but there are some things, such as toolbars, search pages etc. that need some knowledge to avoid and draw criticism from various sources.
Melih seems to be almost an evangelist re. security - no bad thing, but requires a faultless image.

I’m very grateful to Comodo for this software and am upset by external, adverse comments and reviews, but loyalty has to be bidirectional.

There’s a conflict between providing such good software and making the money to pay for its development; annoying users does cross that line.

(Sorry, not Melih).


First of all, pls accept my apologies.

The guys in the UK were trained by me from early days. So they were all arounders :slight_smile:
In the US offices our guys are concentrating on sales and we have a very capable support team which could answer any questions u might have. They should have got the support guys to help you rather than be too eager to answer your queries tbh.

I will look into this emailing issue you are raising, however Eddy Nigg does not represent mozilla. He is a small competitor of ours. But either way I will look into it and make sure legally everything is good.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.



I appreciate the reply and apology.

I would like to clarify some things:

The questions I asked your US sales guys were not of such a technical nature. They were basic product questions any salesman in the certificate industry should have been able to handle. Had I asked complex questions I would have understood the salesperson not helping, but basic answers were simply not known.
3 salespeople by my count now seemed no have no basic understanding of your products.
Thankfully I won’t have to speak to them any longer.

I also understand Mr. Nigg is not representative of Mozilla, and that the post was merely on a Mozilla newsgroup.
However - you have to understand, he brought to light the fact that you are using bulk, unsolicited email to attempt to sell. You are a spammer.

How on earth can anyone be expected to trust a company who offer an anti-spam solution and spam at the same time?
What proof do we have that you don’t write and distribute viruses as well, for your AV to catch?


what Mr Nigg was bringing accross that one of our partners were sending emails to his customers and not Comodo.