Melih, Please consider a standalone Firewall.

I mean a ‘truly’ standalone one, no HIPS, no Virusscope, no Anti Virus, no Cloud-lookup file ratings, no Sandbox, etc. Just something very lean for those of us who use other third party solutions, but still need a software based firewall. I know I’m not the only one looking, please consider this.

Comodo firewall without hips doesn’t offer much protection, as you can see here

This guy tested several firewalls and comodo fw among them.
With hips in paranoid mode it scored 30/30.
With hips in safe mode it scored 27/30.
With hips disabled it scored 5/30 (!!!)
That was CIS 6, but the conclusions don’t change.

Sandbox (or better, autosandbox) is a great feature too. Personally I’m not a fan of virtualization, but it’s nice to have a sandbox which automatically blocks malware or even unknown files (it’s like a ringing bell, a warning to the user to double check the file).

Viruscope is something you don’t notice until the day it saves your ■■■ :wink:

Cloud lookup/rating scan is cloud-based, so it has almost no impact and can reduce false positives.

And don’t forget that any of the above features can be turned off.

If you just need a firewall, better to use the default windows firewall. As default it blocks any inbound connections, but you can set it to block any outbound connection too (then you will have to set rules to allow specific apps)


HIPS has nothing to do with firewalls, I’m not sure why you even bring this up. Stopping outbound connections =/= stopping programs from running. Not an option.

They can be disabled but they still run in the background, the processes are there, even the file ratings generates a list with HIPS disabled. Even installing the Firewall option, you can still get prompted that something is unsafe and needs to be quarantined, which is WTF.

Yes, if COMODO cannot do a standalone Firewall this is probably the best option, but I’ll be going with some kind of frontend for sure, by default it’s brutal to use, Windows Firewall Control 4, or Windows 10 Firewall Control are probably good choices.

I didn’t say that HIPS = firewall, I just pointed out that protection is much better with HIPS on.
If you have a look to my link you’ll see that all the firewalls in the first 4/5 places come with a HIPS module which can help the firewall to warn the user about what’s going on.

About active processes, I have CFW on my machine (only FW and D+, I haven’t installed the AV) and totally it uses no more than 20Mb of RAM…

Yes, a 3rd party software that offers a GUI to the Windows firewall is nice, especially to be notified about blocked connections.
But about creating rules, I don’t see any big difference between WF and CFW

Some programs are incompatible with hips and the changes that are made on installation of comodo.

what is the use case?
the reason why i ask is: does this need self protection or not?
If it doesn’t need self protection, that means you can assume there is no malware on the computer…if there is no malware in the computer, then i want to fully understand your use case of how you will use this firewall please. Security is designed against a specific threat, so i just want to make sure I understand your assumptions.

thank you.

My best guess would be that some of the mentioned programs have either some unwanted features which cause incompatibility or need to many system resources and he wants to use other company programs then.

Like i said somewhere else:
Comodo internet security does not work well with sandboxie on win 10 when cis is installed i cannot use sandboxie. Just as example so assuming i want completely avoid the HIPS installation which most likely causes the incompatiblity i would think it would be good to have a stand alone firewall.

However even better would it be to completely disable some invisible features that are automatically installed by cis. And make sure cis does not start / use the disabled services and get “lighter”

Should get a poll.

I too think Comodo should have just a plain old firewall. It’s basically the only firewall left that has a traffic animation.

If you just want a stand-alone firewall, use the one that comes with Windows. It will be more than satisfactory for your needs.
If you wish security, use CIS and stop complaining about the layers added to it.

not a nice answer, right?

comodo pure firewall maybe is not a good idea, but users need to understand it by informations, explanations, etc., not by your way. have a little more pation with comodo users as they have with comodo delays, lack of informations, delay on releasing fixes and features. we all need respect. we all love comodo and keep waiting, sometimes to eternity, but we keep trusting… do the same with us… be kindly… please?

Users need to take the time to learn how to use it. There are help files available, to read.

i agree… but still, there is no need to be not polite with its users.

anyway, lets focus on the subject so we do not flood.


Because sandbox with whitelisting is not enough for the average user?