melih please answer this

windows registry cleaner found this key
and i deleted it. later i came to know that this key is related to cavs.
will deleting the key affects the performance or cavs in any way.
please clear my doubt melih

naren, I thought we were having this discussion elsewhere, why did you delete the key when you knew it was related to CAVs?

toggie i deleted the key coz windows registry cleaner put it in the invalid registry section

Oh well, what’s done is done. Have you noticed anything bad after the deletion?
I don’t use CAVS, so I don’t know what this rgistry key does.
Btw, what software is “Windows registry cleaner”?


hii ragwing, thanxx for ur reply. i have not noticed anything bad after deletion yet. windows registry cleaner is an online registry cleaner for genuine win xp frm microsoft. the site is

HKLM\Software\ComodoGroup\CAV\LicenceDllPath. i think this registry key is related to cavs licence so i dont know deleting this key will create any visible or invisible problem or not. so it would b good if this point is cleared. can u clear this point or help me in any other way