Melih: PC Tools purchases Cyberhawk

Melih…When Comodo purchased Boclean did you also consider purchasing Cyberhawk? I like Cyberhawk as a behavior blocker but would trust it so much more if it had been bought by a company like Comodo rather than by PC Tools.

Comodo= Good

Cyberhawk = Good

PC Tools = Hmmmmmm…I’ll refrain from commenting.

I wish Comodo had been the buyer…

if im not mistaken cpf 3 will have a behavior blocker in it,so i guess there would be no need to buy cyberhawk.i guess comodo is makin there own?

PC Tools haf Spyware doctor n spyware doctor is not so bad so i tink pc tools is not so bad. pc tools also giv freeware.

btw, of course we wan comodo stay ahead of others meaning comodo should purchase cyberhawk since cyberhawk good. but a gud company doesnt mean it has to purchase all gud products, rather it should create gud products! Lets wait for cpf v3 to see how. i believe it wont disapoint us.

we have the expertise to build something similar or better than CH, however with Boclean we needed the technology and the expertise it had.


But do you need Boclean after you implement the Cyberhawk like product? The behavior blocker should block the malware that boclean stops, correct?

as I always said: You need 3 layers in security


You can’t just have one of them, so yes you do need Boclean…