Melih: I'm counting on you and the Comodo team!

My computer is only 3 years old, but I am already starting to notice a slow down in boot up times, and surfing times in comparison to my spouses computer which is only 1.5 years old (as well as in comparison to when it was brand new).

In any case, I am anxious to have HIPS protection on my system. But everything I have tried slows performance down to an unacceptable level (I have now tried Process Guard and On-line Armor).

So I am pinning my “HIPS hopes” on the next version of CPF.

Keep up the great work!

Hi Solo,

While I feel your pain with slowdown issues as I have two older pcs right now, please let me say that technology waits for no machine. I have learned while on my way to A+ certification, a pc is out dated the minute you buy it. As the way of the tech world, we either keep up or keep out, while sounds harsh it’s all too true. That said, you may have to simply upgrade a bit, perhaps some RAM, etc…Software is not built to accomodate older equipment, machines are built to accomodate software needs if you know what I mean. To be honest, I am running CPF on an AMD athlon, 850 Mhz , 256 RAM, and is 8 years old, “happy birthday athlon” this month, and CPF shows no signs of slowing it down at all. As well the other CPF is on my spouse’s HP, 4 years old , 384 RAM 1 g processor, celeron. No slow-downs either. While I don’t know what your problem may be, it could be a failing hard drive, stick of ram going bad, drive needs cleaning, many things. When adding extra progs to it, especially higher usage , it will show a slowdown or problem. I am not saying it isn’t CPF, but most issues with slowdowns from my pc fixing experience has been some of the mentioned, not “always” the program.
Well, good luck either way and if you want to list your pc specs to me, i’ll look them over, no problem. :wink:



My computer runs great with the CPF. It only seems to slow down when I add HIPS applications like Process Guard or On-line Armor. It is still functional with those programs, but certain functions just seem to be impacted like email and websurfing speeds. I run a Compaq Presario Pentium 4 (2.6Ghz) with 1GB of RAM.

So I think possibly you misinterpreted my point. I love the CPF and my machine runs great with it. My machine just hasn’t done so well with HIPS based programs. So I am counting on Comodo to put out a HIPS product that won’t slow down my machine too much. My understanding is that the CPF V3 will have full HIPS.

So I am anxious to see it when it is released next year.

I see, sorry if I misunderstood which I did. And I had such a good speal going, darn it! :smiley: If you have problems with online armor, that is basically a firewall, and it will interfere with CPF. Other securities that act like such , can cause internet slowdowns, etc…I understand about the HIPS though. Seeming as how I must have not read what you wrote at all, loll, boy, one of those mornings, i’ll apologize now, and leave the answer to who you originallly meant it for.


I don’t believe our solution of HIPS will slow down your computer at all :slight_smile:
wait and see…