Melih: HIPS question for you or any member of your team

Personally, I think HIPS (and maybe even Sanbox type applications) are the wave of the future to fight malware. I think the companioes that aren’t heading in this direction will be left behind. I am anxious (but not in a rush) to see CPF V3.

Question…abd if you don’t care to answer this in a public forum, maybe you could send me a PM through the Comodo forum. Which HIPS applications out there presently do you think are really good programs? I am certain that you will take a fresh approach to your HIPS, but to an extent, you will have to emulate some of the programs already on the market. Do you think your program will implement features from programs like PREVX, Proces Guard, Online Armor, Cyberhawk, Defense Wall HIPS, etc?

And if you HAD to pick one other companies HIPS to protect your PC rather than Comodo, which product would you choose and why?

Well, all the names you mention are good enough products on their own, they all have a slightly different way of operating.

I haven’t used any personally so i can’t tell you which ones I would like best.
However, the HIPS we are building now is designed to my liking :slight_smile: