Melih, here's something I would like from Comodo marketing


I buy Comodo’s e-mail certificates for my small business. (Unfortunately, my ISP – – won’t let me use Comodo to certify my website.) I want to let visitors to my website know that they can tell when an e-mail is legitimately from one of my staff because a legitimate e-mail has the Comodo certificate attached. Consequently, I would like to add a banner to my website giving this message. However, none of the official banners Comodo supplies meets this need.

I am looking for a small banner, similar to the Comodo Authentic & Secure banner in size. I do not want a banner that promotes directly a Comodo product, such as the banners touting the free Comodo firewall. That would not go over well in my niche market.

It would be useful if you could have your marketing department create some banners along these lines for Comodo certificate users to use.

Hi Rhadin

Good idea. I will ask our marketing dept to consider this.

thank you for taking the time to write this and good to have you on board in our forums :slight_smile:


Melih, I’ve already PM’d John a link on this (thought he looked like the right candidate for helping), since he posted about all the “secured by comodo” banners/logos being developed for websites.


thanks LM… yep… John is the right guy…



I am not sure if any of the site seals we have meet your needs, they are:


Thanks, Garry, but no, those don’t do the trick. Because 1and1 won’t let me use Comodo certification for my site, the site seals don’t work – it would be deceptive to suggest that our site is Comodo secured when it isn’t. I am looking for something specific to e-mails we send that have the Comodo e-mail certificate attached.


Melih, it has been nearly 3 months since I wrote about a desire for a small official Comodo banner that I could put on my website saying that “you know are e-mails are from us because authentic e-mails carry the Comodo certificate” or something to that effect. (I don’t want something so complex, just a simple banner like your Authentic & Secure banner. It has to be small, unobtrusive, and not be a direct ad for the product – again like the Authentic & Secure.) The message I am trying to convey to people is that if they receive an e-mail supposedly from my company, if it doesn’t have the Comodo e-mail certificate it is spam, but if it does have the certificate, it is legitimate.

When I first wrote about this in August, you thought it was a good idea. I know that Comodo has lots of things going on, but this isn’t the type of project that should take hundreds of hours. I could probably design something myself – or hire someone to do it – but it only has value if it is an official Comodo certificate that only users of your e-mail certificate could post.

So, what I would like to know is whether this is something that will come about in the near future or if I should forget about such a banner from Comodo. You could take the easy way and simply modify the Authentic & Secure banner to read something like: E-mail Authenticated by Comodo.

It could also be linked to someplace on your website that would explain what it means and how Comodo is protecting e-mail recipients.

Rich Adin

Well, it was a good idea until it hit the legal block of what this logo represents.
Not sure if we are going to have this anytime soon i am afraid :frowning:

sorry :frowning:


Legal block? If I can put a banner on my website that says Comodo Authentic & Secure indicating to a visitor that the website is legitimate and safe without legal impediment, what possible legal impediment could there be to a certificate that says our e-mails are authenticated by Comodo? Comodo’s website says this about the e-mail certificates:

Authentication - Email passes through many different computer systems without your knowledge. Not only are you unaware of the mail flowing through these systems, you may also not know where these computers are located, or even who owns and maintains them. Secure Certificates let you digitally sign your email to prove that the message and attachments actually came from you.

Integrity - Regular, unsecured email can easily be faked. Messages can be produced that look as though they were from a particular person or organization, when they were from someone completely different. Digitally signing email with a digital Certificate means that it is impossible for anyone to alter the contents of your mail without the recipient being alerted.

If you can say the above and induce me to buy e-mail certificates for the above reasons without legal problems, why can’t you provide an official banner that represents those statements?

Am I paying for e-mail certificates that really have no value? That don’t authenticate and lack integrity? And if I’m actually getting good value (which, BTW, I believe I am) by using Comodo authentication, then why can’t I tell my clients and the world that my e-mails are trustworthy with a Comodo banner?

Rich Adin

The question is whether the end user will see that as approval of email content or just the email sender…thats the problem area.


The how about a certificate that says

digitally signed

or something like that which only indicates that the e-mails are digitally signed?

Rich Adin