Melih + Comodo + Softpedia scandal

Quote from: virremoval on Yesterday at 10:08:32 PM
Melih one simple question

how is this all complying with creating trust online?

Quote from: Melih

Don’t you love single posters who have amazingly found the very topic they wish to talk about…and as it happens this user also happens to be from the very country where softpedia is…What a coincendence…

Everything has been said in this topic. I think we should lock this topic as Trolls are hungry!


why are you making me a troll? for just asking a simple question? i still want an answer to the question i made above. i am not taking any side in this scandal. i just want to know youre opinion about how this scandal is creating trust online.
i have no other connections with softpedia other that i read the rss news in my language as they are one of the biggest IT news portal in Romania.

For Melih, every person who disagrees with him is a troll :-\

You are starting with a suggestion about untrustworthiness of Comodo but you fail to substantiate why you don’t trust Comodo. So where is the question to answer? This is a leading question making an unsubstantiated accusation. That sounds like troll to me

Apparently you think Comodo is untrustworthy. There have been many arguments expressed in that topic why people think Comodo is untrustworthy in their view. Is there a new argument you want to bring to the discussion?

This is simply not fair. Ask has a toolbar, so does Microsoft and Google and there are other security companies other than Comodo that are using using these toolbars. Just be fair in your inquiries.


OK. So it’s now normal for a security product to include a toolbar ? >:( If COMODO wants to be like Symantec - go ahead, bundle all kinds of ■■■■. But when you read Melihs posts - COMODO is the best. And not simply the best, it’s miles and lightyears better than the others. (COMBINED) And COMODO always play fair, they always get attacked for no reason right ? :-TD

OA declined Ask’s offer, but it seems toolbar and ■■■■ bundling will get extremely popular very soon.

Fork all this security business then. Cheaters :-\

For the moment put aside all your arguments against Comodo. They have nothing to do with my question. Why headline your topic with the word “scandal?” The word scandal implies that some great dastardly deed was done. This kind of headline splashing is employed by the cheap “newspapers” at a grocery checkout, designed to garner attention, but not delivery on accuracy. If your intent is to intelligently discuss your point I would not use a smear headline. If your intent is just to smear I hope you brought a towel to clean up your mess.

Why are you creating a new topic about this nonsense. Take it up with Melih in a PM. No one cares to see you two debate each other on a topic that has been dead for weeks now. 88)

Will a mod please lock this topic at least?!?

Let’s wait with the discussion until virremoval tells us if he has anything to add to what already was said in the Softpedia topic.

The two of you should actually read the article that Jaki provided. OA considered Ask toolbar but decided not to.

Don’t react to virremoval. He does not make clear why he thinks Comodo is untrustworthy while suggesting it is. Until further notice what he says is flame bait. Nothing to start a discussion with.

Just bite your tongues and see if virremoval has a point to make or not.

Anyone who is discouraging unsuspecting users from downloading a top notch free security product, by calling it adware (while advertising other paid for ones and getting paid from those ads) that protects them from malware is killing trust on internet!

And people are voting with their feet! Look at their web traffic: Softpedia’s visitors is declining according to google


Remember the Forum Policy, Section 8, Paragraph 2.
If this thread is simply a smear campaign or looking to start something hostile, it will be terminated as it is against Policy rules.

I must disagree with topic title. I’m Romanian too and I respect both Comodo and Softpedia.

It was Softpedia’s choice to wipe out Comodo from their site after their rules. Case closed, but I’m a little bit disappointed by Comodo decision to keep those boxes ticked by default tricking users to install Ask toolbar especially when I saw OA decision to refuse that toolbar bundled with their security product.

So Melih instead hunting Softpedia’s traffic and hide behind semantics read why OA declined Ask toolbar and ask yourself if your move was smart or not.

I’ll probably use CIS forever but with a bitter taste. :frowning:

If you are not taking sides, why have you referred to it as a “scandal”. Possibly this is a translation issue, assuming that English is not your native language.

FYI (and this is meant purely as guidance to someone who may not be a native English speaker) - the word “scandal” is generally associated with disrepuitable or dishonest actions. Your use of this word contradicts your stated intention to not take sides, and may be confusing to some posters.

Definition from

scandal [skan-dl]

verb, -daled, -daling or (especially British) -dalled, -dalling.

  1. a disgraceful or discreditable action, circumstance, etc.
  2. an offense caused by a fault or misdeed.
  3. damage to reputation; public disgrace.
  4. defamatory talk; malicious gossip.
  5. a person whose conduct brings disgrace or offense.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Would this best be done in ■■■? Most seem to be of the opinion that this topic has been “done to death” in the other topic.

Oh man, how ppl manage to make such INSANE big deal out of one freakin harmless toolbar and a checbox that sets Comodo search as default homepage. I mean wtf ppl?!?!?!!?!?!
So they want to make a bit extra with toolbar like everyone else do with Google toolbar.
Big f**kin deal. If you don’t like it, uncheck it and you’re done.
If this is scandal, then what are other far more problematic things? Intergalactic scandals!?
Many ppl know how negative i usually treat Comodo, but this is just ridiculous.

I feel Comodo is very trustworthy, With the "safe search toolbar option already checked by default it’s a minor thing to me, more of a annoyance than anything else. I will continue to use Comodo products and support the Comodo team.

Most of programs that bundle toolbars (Yahoo, Google or have them checked by default.
So i don’t get it why all the fuss around toolbar in Comodo 88)

O,men,again this? ;D

I applaud OA and Mike Nash and WinPatrol :-TU They showed respect to their users. I wish Melih had these strong principles.

1 dollar per install of Ask toolbar huh ? Hmmm.

Lets do some calculations - CIS gets downloaded lets say by 10000 users a week. And lets say 20% leave the toolbar. That’s 2000 dollars a week or 8000 $ a month. Not bad. But I think the number of downloads per week is bigger.
Now if CIS was a paid product, the user base would get a lot smaller, there would be a lot of people using serials or cracks to hack CIS in some kind of way.

Good business for COMODO, not very ethical though.

You people just wait, these Ask toolbars will soon get hardcoded into the app :-TD

why for god sake not ethical, let ask give money, why end user?
if you want to support Comodo install toolbar if not dont, end of story
it is good way, everybody can support Comodo, poor and rich, and everybody wins :-TU

Look, I don’t install the toolbar and also do not endorse “clicking trough without reading policy”. I don’t care about the users. Install the toolbar or not - your choice.

The problem is, that this trend of bundling toolabars that have nothing to do with SECURITY into SECURITY PRODUCTS is getting popular. Toolbar today, tommorow something else.

This topic has already been done to death,every possible angle has been covered,every possible opinion stated at mind-numbing length.I really don’t see the purpose of trawling over this yet again. 88)