Melih and Justin: Malware submit

Hello both of you! Hello others!

Melih, I still having the 2 false positives after 3 days that I sent both files by the submit function of the comodo AV… The 4 undetected trojan samples that I have sent 3 days ago are not being detected yet… :-\

Is the malware submit function of the AV already working? Justin told me that you guys add new samples fast… I didnt had any sample added nor the false positive fixed… :-[

I have 130 malwares samples (33MB) to give to you, but I dont believe that by email it will work…

Justin, I have 156 malware samples to give to you, how should I send to you? Email I dont think it will work too?

Thanks for your time,



I replied to your message giving you the details.

thanks for your effort!

much appreciate it.

Hi Elminster, you should send all your samples to Melih. You’re gonna have tons of work to do when you’re submitting your 156 samples (like zipping them in compress files, etc.).

Also check to see that your samples aren’t false positives by using and/or if you haven’t done so already.

Hello System!

Thanks for the reply ;D

I agree, I already sent the file by FTP… Otherwise I would be crazy by now… ehhehe

Dont worry about false positives, the samples I sent were used by me to create definitions for my own anti malware solution… Its a shame, that due to a problem, I lost more than 32.000 malware samples… Now I just have the definitions that I created (my luck)… :-\

I am trying to retrieve theses samples to send to melih… But no luck until now…
At least today I guess I uploaded to him around 500 samples… Not a big deal… but is a good start

Thanks for your time,