Meeting the Competition Head-On

I’m in the process of choosing another suite for all of my home systems. I am an IT professional and have tried several products. I know to stay away from Norton and McAfee and have tried a few others including eSET. Since moving to Windows 7 64-bit, I have noticed some of the security suites interfere with the functionality of Microsoft Office and can keep them from working properly.

I’m trying Kaspersky now and still investigating before making a final decision. I use Comodo TrustFax instead of eFax and have been very happy with it. It’s low cost and reliable. So, I thought I would check out the security software at Comodo.

I must admit that cost of the Comodo product will be a factor in my decision. Right now the complete Comodo Internet Security suite is high compared to others like Kaspersky that offer 3 licenses for about the same amount of money.

It would be great if Comodo would consider a similar multi-license model to bring the price in line with the leading competitors. That would certainly make it easier to convince people to give it a look.


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