Meet the Administrators and Moderators !

I am leaving on vacation on Saturday, December 16 this will be a great time to take a picture of me, when I come back I will post it :slight_smile:

how aobut the new moderators? :slight_smile:

I’m in there! Paulo said the Cave was my next test; I thought that was it… :wink:


How about some administrators… ;D

Yes, Melih! Where’s all the admins? Shy? ;D

waits for admins to post their pictures ;D

We can put in nice pictures for them if they want… ;D

Like Justin, i am waiting to go on a holiday so that i can take pretty pictures :slight_smile:
the ones you can find on Internet by typing Melih Abdulhayoglu on google pictures is not that pretty :wink:


Thats the best time to take pictures, when your on vacation having a good time (:KWL)

Finally Justin… :wink:

Lol yes it did take longer then I originally intended but now its up :slight_smile:

Thanks Justin :wink: Will get mine back in about a week or so, been busy.


Congrats little mac and Erik :slight_smile: on mod status! (:CLP)

Great, nice to see you again :smiley:

Where have you been! Your mother and I have been frantic!!! :smiley:

Welcome back Paul - hope all is well at your end mate!

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. T-shirt arrived yet? I had to resend it as it was returned with damaged packaging the first time I sent it and it took 8 weeks to get back to me. We expect photos! LOL

Nice to hear from you Paul… :wink:

Tell mom not to worry, dad, I simply got married and had a few kids, bought a house, the usual… :wink: :smiley:

Yes, I did get the shirt, thank you greatly, and will be posting a pic of it hopefully soon, however my son wants it for future reference and my wife wanted to wear it when she runs into my mom so there is going to be some struggle. :wink:


Thanks , nice to be back. :slight_smile:


Now I can immediately harass you again. :smiley: :wink:

I will probably be on here a bit more next week, to catch up on everything missed.

Take care all,


Thanks, Paul. Glad to see you again!


I have really missed that… :cry:

I’ll try and get a couple more! LOL

ewen :slight_smile:

ROTTY: If you catch this, it’s yooourrr tuuurrnnn… But if you really don’t want to add, you don’t have to and is your choice.