Medieval II game & Comodo problem [resolved]

I’m having problems getting Medieval II to co-operate with Comodo firewall. With the firewall inactive I can login to the lobby fine. However with it on the firewall kicks in and freezes the game (as it should) but I can’t switch the focus to the firewall window to let it through. I have created a rule for it in Comodo’s application list but it looks like there’s something else to verify. Any ideas? I havn’t found a way to run the game in a window unfortunatley.

Hi, Advis!

Try the game again. As soon as you have trouble connecting, stop the game and open COMODO. Go to ‘Activity’ - ‘Logs’. Are there any logs there that tell you what was blocked?

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Medieval isn’t in the logs, forgot to mention another problems is that I have to restart the PC via the reset button because I can’t close the game or return focus to the desktop anyway.

Hi Advis

That would explain why there is nothing in the Log. Didn’t good old Ctrl-Alt-Del work?

Have you tried “allow all” in application monitor, and “allow invisible…” and “skip advanced security…” for you r game.exe? Also, have you done the same for ALL exe in your game folder? Like update.exe and so on…

Try to turn off network monitor to check if it works. If it does, you have to make a network rule for some port(s).

Try to add your game.dll in component monitor too.

Don’t forget to restart your firewall after you have made your settings.

I’ve managed to get the alert to show on a second monitor ;D, it’s a file to do with the copy protection that comodo was picking up. Thanks for your help!

Ok, nice! ;D
I will put [resolved] in your topic, so others with similar problem can find it.