MediaCoder allowed by me, COMODO still blocks it

Using this version MediaCoder - Download Latest MediaCoder is problematic in CIS 2013.
It’s using some kind of a web-interface for the settings screen and these are blocked even though I’ve allowed everything COMODO asked me to.

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Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

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Is this being blocked by the antivirus or Defense+?

Hm, I think it’s actually the firewall.
I’ve turned off Sandbox and D+ and that was the only warning COMODO asked me to approve.

This section of the forum is for reporting applications which are being incorrectly flagged as dangerous by the AV component.

Thus, if you are sure that the problem you are encountering has nothing to do with the AV I will move this post to the correct part of the forum.

All I’m saying is this: it detects SOMETHING in MediaCoder as dangerous and BLOCKS IT from the user, thus stopping me from using some of the features of the program, like the startup screen or options.

Dunno which module’s fault it is, I’m just a user and I want it to stop behaving like that. :wink:

Can you please post a screenshot of the alert so I can figure out the fastest way to resolve this issue?

It would seem the publisher of MediaCoder is not on the TVL. However, it seems to run correctly if one selects ‘Run Unlimited’…

[attachment deleted by admin]

It is not digitally signed.

That’s the problem. Aside the firewall asking me if I should allow it to the Internet it doesn’t ask me anything. It just blocks everything.

Here’s step by step:
Immidiately after the installation, after runing the program it asks if it may connect to the interweb:

Of course I chose to Allow and remember.

Then the program loads, the Windows Aero is downgraded “normal look” and the Startup Wizard screen pops up which is blank.

It should ask if I want to run the wizard or just start the program and has an option that disables this for next program startup - of course I can’t click it because it’s blank so I can’t check it.

I can just close this window and the program loads fine, but selecting Settings or any advanced option again gives me a blank window

Can you please post a screenshot of your Firewall settings and your firewall log?