Media Server

I recently installed V2.2.00.11 CPF. My computer is running TVersity Media Server, serving a D-Link DSM 320 through a ZyXel router. To get the Media server to connect to the DSM-320 I created this Network Rule:

“ALLOW and LOG IP IN from IP [ANY] to ip NAME: [mediaserver] - - where IPPROTO is ANY”

    The IP name "mediaserver" I guessed at, I wasn't sure the format IP Name should be.

I saw klemme’s Aug 03 post where the DSM-320’s IP addressed was asked for. In my setup, the router IP changes (via DHCP) as there are computers on the LAN.

My question is; although I have the media server working, am I undoing all the protection CPF offers by creating a security hole via the network rules?



Can you explain little better? I don’t get how your lan is configured and if your media server is used only for your lan.