media players [merged thread]

I have installed the following:
RealPlayer 11
WinAmp 5.54
Windows Media Player
Media Center.

I really like Winamp, but it does not always like Vista x64
Am not happy with RealPlayer, and although WMP and MC have their uses, it is not really that flexible nor functional (as compared to WinAmp + plugins).

Can someone recommend a good player (My desire in this case is primarily MP3)?

It’s really about personal taste but my favourite is Media Player Classic - Homecinema. Simple, light, portable, plays almost any format. :-TU

I have that installed, use if exclusively for my video library.
I have never tried it with MP3 files.
Thanks, LA.

I’ll give that a try, Kyle.
Thanks to all who give suggestions/recommendations.

You’re welcome John. I’ve only used the vanilla foobar, I havn’t used any plugins with it so unsure if it will fit your needs. Can’t hurt to try though :slight_smile:

I just installed the latest build. (will try it after my current WMC queue runs out.)

Hope you find what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks, LA.

I like XMPlay myself.

Try AIMP - very light on resource use.

XMPlay is not a bad little program.

Try VLC media player from

It will read almost anything, with no need for add-ons.
Plus, it’s quite configurable.

I use foobar for audio and SMPlayer - General Info for video. Both are highly configurable and will pretty much obviate the need for additional codecs.


John, If you like WinAmp, then you’re gonna love AIMP.
…in fact, you’re gonna dump that stupid bloatware the minute you had AIMP installed on your system.

…not to mention, that AIMP got extra tools, like audio conversion for free.

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU
foobar2000 is my player. Light and portable. :slight_smile:
I also use it as transcoder. Just download encoders (flac, Vorbis, AAC, mp3…) and convert. :-La;pick

Best player.

You can feel better sound than any other players.

Basic: Free
Plus: Paid

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If you’re HiFi addict, then you’ll sure fall for something like JetAudio.
But if you’re looking for something with more ‘balance’ look the other way around…

Something like Jetaudio?
Have you ever used JetAudio?
I’ve been used JetAudio over 13 years.(Plus version)
(I’m not sure you are older than JetAudio history ;D)
I don’t understand how you don’t know about legendary JetAudio. ;D
Everyone says it’s the best like XMAN says.
‘Now here’s an audiophile, and John find and install the Krypton 3000 SL skin for all the effects especially the reverb for live sound, nothing beats it!’

Do you have any problem with JetAudio Hi-Fi system?
There is no problem with JetAudio Hi-Fi system.
It works perfect.
:-TU :-TU :-TU

JetAudio - for sound Maniac.
AIMP - just a tool for kid.
Winamp - for public people.