media player classic loads dinput.dll. should I permit this?

Heres the pic of the CPF box:

the text reads: “c:\mplayerc.exe has loaded dinput.dll into the Parent application explorer.exe using a global hook which could be used by keyloggers to steal private information. mplayerc.exe may be using explorer.exe to conceal its behaviour in an attempt to connect to the internet with firefox.exe”

my questions: should I allow this?
What is the dinput.dll for and can mplayerc use it to allow a keylogger to access my machine?

I clicked “deny” and as a result I had no 'net access, everything was suddenly blocked, I even fired up opera to see if I could use that but CPF popped up the identical notice (with opera.exe instead of firefox.exe of course!) and loading of web pages stopped until I checked allow or deny. Of course I didn’t allow it so I was blocked out of using opera too!

This has happened with other applications that just happened to be open while having a browser window open. There seems to be no direct relationship between the the browser and media player classic, so why would it be trying to access the internet. I was watching diggnation at the time and tried to go to a site they mentioned on the show, but would not allow me

The only way to fix this is to reboot the computer.

The times that this popup made sense to me was when I was in acrobat for example and I clicked on a web link in acrobat and that in turn loaded a new tab in firefox. I understand the relationship there and of course allowed it, but media player classic and firefox had no relationship!!!


TIA, brian

Since explorer.exe is a common parent to many applications, CPF is asking you about this for convenience(both media player and firefox have explorer.exe as their parent applications). I dont think dinput.dll is a keylogger. Nonetheless, check the company information etc. After you select remember and allow, you wont see this warning again.