Media devices causing seize up

Within the past few weeks, when attempting to open media from within a website (ex. click here to listen to stream), I notice comodo incoming and outgoing traffic become heavy (green & red on icon), and the cpu jumps to 100% and system freezes.

The only remedy to this is to get task mgnr open (which takes forever due to cpu load), then end task of whichever browser is being used, then the stream or video will load and the cpu load drops to normal operating levels.

This is not just media players, even when browsing, and a page opens with significant articles, or flash displayed, system traffic increases on comodo and cpu load blows through the roof.

Could this be a wrong configuration in comodo on my behalf, I keep a pretty clean system (registry, spyware, temp, etc)?


After updating Java on another computer yesterday (in similar setup as the one in question, also has CIS), it behaves in similar fashion (cpu usage) when browsing sites with multiple flash opens.

About the time I installed a Java update on the computer in question, is about the time I noticed these actions. I did not put 2 and 2 together until yesterday.

So it is my belief that the Java could be the culprit, not sure if CIS is contributing to the problem though.

Do you have CMF installed aswell.

If you are referring to Comodo Memory Firewall or Comodo Memory Guard, not unless it is implemented in my version of CIS 3.5.57173.439

After searching CMF to see what it is, I did see a thread which mentioned some sort of bug with OO and Java, but I do not use OO.