me too- send files to COMODO for analysis ERROR

regarding this thread:

since i’m not able to reply, i’d like to say that i can’t send files for analysis too. At home. Nothing has changed in the hardware department, and i could send them before. It’s always possible that i messed something in the software department (:SHY)
Any suggestions?
CF Submit Utility
A connection with the server could not be established.

  • OK
    CF Submit Utility
    Some Error occured during uploading. Aborting file submission.
  • OK
    Should i re-install CPF?
    Or is there something i could check before doing that?

Do the logs say anything about something being blocked?

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Nope. It was the 1st thing i checked…
Unless there is a file that reports errors. In the CPF interface, activity- logs, not a thing

I have the same problem.
Everything works fine when I installed the software - but after a moment the connection was blocked. I’ve tested this both at home and at the office.
Using v 1.2

cje, do I understand correctly that you’re using version 1.2 of Comodo’s Firewall?

If this is correct, you have a VERY old version. The current public release available from Comodo’s website is version…

My recommendation would be to uninstall this old version, reboot, and install the new one. There’s a great video tutorial to go through, prior to that new installation. It will help you install, and configure CPF so that it works wonderfully for you.,4766.0.html

Also, there are occasionally times where Comodo’s upload server is unavailable, which can impact that. It’s also possible that an instance of svchost.exe has been blocked, or even Comodo’s upload engine.

Hope this helps,


Sorry no, I’m using the latest version 2.3
Thanks for your info re server problems.
I did also find that if I accept the connection (after check the file on the internet) and then pushed the report link everything worked out normally. Anyway, that’s not a preferable way of doing it.

Comodo has outgrown its current systems for users, through the forums, upload servers, etc. They are upgrading everything this weekend, and should be good to go on Monday.

Until they are finished with this upgrade process, there will be instances of forum outages, inability to upload files, etc.

Once the upgrade is complete, they will be all set for a while, and well able to support more growth. (:CLP)