Me on CNN and another one on Award ceremony :)

Personaly, and I think I can speak on behalf of Ganda too :wink: , I would be more interested in a picture of Melih’s wife 88)

Greetz, Red.

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Melih, I like your computer tan (:LGH) ( the light beaming off the monitor)
EDIT: I bet alot of people don’t like you now from other security vendors!

what you guys are talking here…??? this is melih showing video’s where he explained what he is doing and he let us know…

and you guys are talking about him, his background, he is muslim or not… bla bla bla… do you guys do not understand this is not making sens at all ???

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Well Melih, nice videos. You’re a pretty good speaker (or at least I think so).

You can really notice Melih’s personality from the forums to his real life voice. (:CLP)

this is great news Melih keep up the good work (B)

I couldn’t.

Before I saw any pictures or anything of him, I (like usual) imagined him to be way different.

Great news, keep up the good work! ;D