md5 checksum for bases.cav file...?

Hi All,
I have CIS v5 installed on my system. Till yesterday my Comodo AV was working just fine. But today It failed to scan any file. ERR… it says failed to initialize AV scan engine. I don’t know whats the problem. Is AV bases.cav file corrupted or what …?

Virus Signature Database version is 7126(updated just now). Would anybody plz provide me its md5 checksum located in %\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners

Any other suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Hey and warm welcome to comodo’s forums!

Didi you upgrade your CIS? from CIS 4 till CIS 5? Do you have other security software installed? Have you disabled windows firewall?

sorry for all the questions but this will help me to understand what is causing the problem. I will check a bit further.

I have attached a zip file that contains a program that can give you the md5 checksum.

EDIT: just as I said I did find something that is related to your problem. please click here for further information


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Thanks for the reply,

Will definitely follow your instructions but please provide me the latest md5 for bases.cav file. As I think it is corrupted.

Virus Signature Database version is 7127(updated just now). Would anybody plz provide me its md5 checksum located in %\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners.


here is the md5 I hope this right. May I ask what size you bases.cav has?

Valentin N

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comodo was maybe killed. nothing more.
verify with comodo leaktest if it can detect 50% .

Its md5 is : 2CF7860FBC0F316606453458ACACDE14
size : 123 MB (129,140,848 bytes)
size on disk : 123 MB (129,142,784 bytes)

The md5 you provide is for which Virus Signature Database version.
If its for 7127 then mine bases.cav is a corrupted one.

Plz tell your version.

this what I have :slight_smile:

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If the md5 you provided me was for vsd version 7127 and I have a different md5 for 7127 the reason I see for AV scan engine failing to initialize is corrupted vsd database.

But how the Comodo updates got corrupted… Any reason…?

the corruption of the database is a know problems for comodo.

I will install CIS 2011 complete on a clean Win7. I will try something and come back with you with more info.

Valentin N

You can download the latest bases.cav. Details in this thread:

Where can i download the latest full AV database?