mcupdate.exe alert

mcupdate.exe keeps on popping up and whenever I click the mcupdate.exe from the alert window to get the properties window it won’t pop up. D+ says the mcupdate.exe is located in

C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_32\mcupdate\6.0.6000.0__31bf3856ad364e35\mcupdate.exe Modify File \Device\Nsi

Any idea?

mcupdate is part of your McAfee virus scan. Simply make it an updater in D+.

But I don’t have mcafee in my comp. Never installed or used any mcafee stuff.

According to This Site It is a McAfee process, uhohkimee.

Just Deny the alert next time.


I don’t get it… how did mcafee get on my comp?

Are you sure? Is this a new pc or new install of Windows?

Check your Add/Remove programs list and check.


What about McAfee Site Advisor?


mcupdate.exe is also the updater of the Windows Media Center.


Yea I have Site Advisor on firefox but how come when I click the link itself on the alert window no info comes up?