McAfee's Snafu - How bad is it really

Okay, I’m curious just how bad the fallout is regarding the McAfee AV error where it labled svchost.exe as a potential threat. That shut down thousands of Windows OS from XP to 7.

McAfee was already haning on to a thread since Microsoft offered Forefront Client Security, and Symantec hired Julie Parrish as the new channel chief. Norton has gained a litting in the market, but I’m not a real fan of the security suite. There are better products out there, however, Norton has revamped its channel program. Also, there is a night and day difference between a consumer product and a corporate product.

With that said, has Comodo seen an increase in corporate requests for their products? Will this signal the decline in market share that McAfee held for so long?

Mehlih, what do you hear from the C-level tower? Long live Comodo!

you see enterpises have no choice but to choose Comodo!
they have many options available, but the only choice they have is Comodo!

Let me explain:

A sys admin in an enterprise want to keep a clean computer clean…
rather than letting it get infected and then try to clean it.

hence, current technologies they use , like AV from mcafee/norton don’t give that ability to keep a clean pc clean…

they are in the main “cleaning” technologies…not “prevention” based nor are they architected to be a "prevention’ based solution…

so a company who wants to keep their computers clean…have no choice but to choose comodo!

otherwise, they will keep getting infected!! So any decent system admin who understand this difference is jumping ship to Comodo… anyone who doesn’t understand that has bigger problems being a sys admin :wink:


This raises a few important things here.

Not just related to Enterprise level - But also Small/Medium Business and also Schools. Obviously, I would hope so, any large enterprise out there would be smart enough to know the difference between detection technologies and prevention based technologies - Sys Admin I hope you do! However, when it comes down to schools for examples, and since I am still in school, studying computers, that schools that purchase security software for the schools computer to secure - they don’t know the difference at the moment between detection and prevention. My School at the moment is infected by a USB worm. Infact, the worm infected the server… :slight_smile: (I did smile when I heard and saw this), the infection spread across all school computers, even the principles computer! Guess what? they still can’t clean the computers. On EVERY PC in my School, theres a note “DON’T SICK A USB IN THE COMPUTER”. Anyway, Norton Internet Security 2010 was protecting the computers at the moment… Sorry… I’ll rephrase that :slight_smile: It was “detecting” bad stuff it new at the time.

The worst part is - Schools only know of 2 companies: McAfee and Symantec. I could step up and say… hey… Comodo next time??? But they will continue to purchase either McAfee or Symantec anyway! and trust me… infection will occur again… and it might even delete some important files in principles PC! Not good. Silly Schools!

Just my $0.02c :wink:

Is it just me, or does CIS have an AV too that could be susceptible to the same kind of thing that happened to McAfee?

!ot! The dictionary on Chrome knows about the words “McAfee” and “Symantec” but not “Comodo”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Old and paid is released by free and new.
In past Mcafee and Norton are best because user have no another choice.

It’s just the user’s opinions are changing. !ot!

its just you :slight_smile:

We have built it so that signed apps don’t need to be detected…(should be out soon…)


Hey Melih, think you can tell us what corporate customers you have? Maybe you can talk to them to let you use their names on your website, just look at what Rising has done, they list their big customers to show they are trusted. ( even though I think they shouldn’t be, not a very good product in my opinion) go to reference users. This is something that comodo should also do.

yep good idea thx

Oh ok, forgot about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

should be out soon
Does that mean it isn't out yet?

its partly there already…
but a better one is out soon


Hey Melih, is it part of the av engine? White signatures? D+ or is it something that is implemented at comodo when a signature is created?


makes sense because when you add a file to my own safe files from the AV popup it goes to D+ safe files. It seems to me that D+ is still the leader of the whole program, it just checks with the AV engine before it pops up. Do I have a rough idea of how that works?

If you are a sys admin and if you are not out of your mind, and this is particularly true in schools where kids have very insecure behaviors, you don’t say “Glory Halleluiah, if i used CIS as a corporate protection, i would be safe”.

If it was true, everybody would know it.

You enforce appropriate users rights… and you run a Linux server.

Big and large amount of customers ?

It looks like why I need to study Chinese language because “It’s most language used by large amount of people in the word” (But It isn’t popular like English and Spanish)

Something isn’t based on quantity. Especially software with based on trusted user. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever want to research malware, knowing Chinese helps. :stuck_out_tongue: