McAfee Site Advisor getting pesky

I have gotten used to using McAfee’s Site Advisor. It gives a quick visual when searching websites (albeit not always accurate). It just updated itself. I needed to accept a new terms and conditions. Then it started installing. I refused the first Yahoo! toolbar “offer.” But, to get Site Advisor to run again I needed to accept the pesky Yahoo!/McAfee search assistant (which I promptly uninstalled). Somebody remind me–is Comodo scheduling a similiar service, or is there another alternative to Site Advisor?

Site Advisor is NOT a realtime service.

In a Comodo fashion, as always, we will have something much better :slight_smile:


As a real time service, for the meantime, I would suggest Linkscanner Lite (for IE and Firefox). It will search any links on google, yahoo and msn (that I know of) against drive-by downloads, exploits, possible malware infection, etc.

If you use Opera, the only chance is to use LinkScanner Pro, as it will work in the background.

Thanks Melih and DarkButterfly. Will give LInkScanner a run while waiting for Comodo’s version. A hint on removing SiteAdvisor–it is a lot easier to get rid of when you are not connected to the Internet.

Go Comodo! (:KWL)

There are plenty of good alternatives that offer real-time checking such as Finjan,Haute Secure and the new Browser Defender (PC Tools beta).It’ll be interesting to see what the Comodo offering will bring to the table. (:WIN)