mcafee renew it?

My subscription for mcafee security has ran out on my wireless laptop should i renew it? alternatively install boclean, cfp2.4,spyware dr starter ed or spyware terminator then a paid for av like nod32,kaspersky,avira or avast pro? Maybe a free one like avg,avira or avast4.7? Cheers stuart

save your money, install avira-antivir and wait for CAVS3 :■■■■

Thanks so avira works well with comodo? What about the numerous fp’s it’s supposed to get? BTW what happens if im now on my 8th reincarnation?

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i’ve put avira-antivir heuristic level to high and i only got 1 FP so far, no big deal. i currently use :
CFP3 w/ defense+
Spyware Blaster, &
Spyware terminator (on demand scanning only)

oh, and if you have extra money, you can buy avira-antivir premium, it’s got 5 euro donation for charity (some foundation ??? ). you’ll reincarnate to heaven ;D

When i bought this(2nd hand still under warranty) i was informed mcafee is fantastic I don’t need to install anything else! Decided to run superantispy guess what 128 malware infections! Why on demand only ST? Not a bad price to live with god but not to soon!

128! :o :o oh yeah,mcafee is fantastic
i have BOClean as realtime scanner.actually, i’m thinking of removing ST, but i remember that i downloaded it using 56k dial up connection, update on daily base. :stuck_out_tongue: i won’t dump it so easily, but i think i don’t need it anymore. CFP3 Defense+ rocks!

Waiting for cfp3 complaints to die down down. Yep 128! Mcafee great!!! Ps Isnt avira prem $28?

what complaint? i think it’s pretty stable.
$28 ? it’s 19.95 euro (ask : where do i find “euro” symbol (:NRD) ),
and avira takes 5 euro of it to auerbach foundation

Hi stuartm :slight_smile:

In my opinion Ganda is right :slight_smile: I wouldn’t pay either for a new Mcafee subscription if I where you. If detection is your priority, I would go for Avira and use CBOClean as a backup :wink:

Greetz, Red.

You defiantly should get rid of mcafee as it is a HUGE resource drain and in my opinion not that effective. If you want a light weight antivirus, I suggest NOD 32. If your looking for a free antivirus currently you should defiantly move towards avira, or Avast!

Pro and cons for Avira and Avast?

Have been using Avast for some time now… any reason that should make me change to Avira?

Harry (:NRD)

Which Av would probably have the least conflicts with comodo products? Avast(paid or free),Avira(paid or free) or nod32? I have read somewhere that avira don’t protect your email or media player that well!

Well, my NOD 32 and COMODO firewall get along beautifuly. No lags, no slow downs, and NOD 32 has you fully covered :slight_smile:

Nod32 has 4 scanners

  1. file - for scanning all files apon creation, modification, and exicution

  2. Web - Scans all internet traffic, and scans all content on web pages, pictures, movies ect

  3. document - Takes special care with scanning .docs, .txts and makes sure anything you execute isnt a hidden exploit (hidden as a .doc)

  4. Email - Scans all incoming and outgoing mail (for outlook)

Nod32 is fast, and has the best heuristics of any product out there. (NOD 32 has an 80% detection rate with heuristics only) :slight_smile:

Doesn’t avira have a better detection rate? Avast on the other hand is like a jack of all trades but lagging in detection! Just wanna be sure after my mcafee experience. Also how well do avira & nod32 cope with malware? Could ST be used with active shield along with either of these?

Well detection rates are a bit iffy. My nod32 has served me well so ill vouch for it.

I haven’t run into a scenario when nod 32 hasn’t been able to delete a detected malware.

Since you narrowed it down to 2 choices might i reccomend you try Avira first, then try NOD 32. Use the 30 day trials. If you are going to use NOD 32 along side comodo firewall, please private message me and i will supply you with a 2.7 trial installer (havent deleted it off my computer since i got the trial)

haven’t used avast, but avira has good heuristic scanner, it detects rootkit & other “extended threat categories” (like jokeware)

i’ve been using Avira-antivir with CBO, CFP, and CMF (former CMG). no problem what soever,
:P0l <== this cop is the witness ;D
media player ???
the free version of avira doesn’t include email scanner. but who cares 88) ,
*every major webmail has virus scanner (yahoo- norton (yeah ok, it’s norton), gmail- ???
anybody know what Av that gmail use?but i think it doesn’t matter since gmail won’t allow
you to attach application file)
*if a malware managed to enter your system, realtime scanner will trigger the alarm.
ofcourse if you want the email scanner,you can try the the premium version (remember 5 euro donation for auerbach foundation :a0 )

about the detection rate, avira can detects indonesian local viruses that even the LOCAL AV missed. but i think we can’t rely on that, no AV can catch everything. :stuck_out_tongue:
i used ST (with clam AV & HIPS) realtime scanner along with Avira & BOC before using CFP3.but now since i’ve already got V3 defense+, i think i don’t really need the realtime scanner anymore.

save your money, use avira, wait for CAVS3 :■■■■

Hi I decided to trial nod32 before I read your reply. I have CFP 2.4 all went well with the trial until today it won’t update so I think I’ll ditch it for avira.

Hi Ive sorted the update problem now i’ll wait & see what gets past! Nod32,boclean,spywareblaster & CFP2.4 setup. Then i’ll trial avira. Thanks to all who helped much appreciated. Ps I’ve got ST demand only would having it’s shield activated be of benefit? ie pros extra protection cons more resources

Use ST with out the klam AV. ST is for spyware, and although nod 32 can detect spyware, its better to have an antispyware program help out.

Been googling some of the suspected malware its confusing sas says its malware while others say its part of windows! Antivermins, malwarewipe, trojan media codec v3 & trojan media codec. Im confused is sas renowned for fps? Should i restore them & see what a squared ST spybot or similar comes up with? cheers